The news of how the world is running out of computer processing power is not new to anyone in tech world due to the continuous increase in the number of technological pieces making massive use of it to solve most of the World's complex and pressing problems such as eradication and forecast of climate changes, natural disasters and diseases as well it's usage in improving the overall standard of living of humans through improvements on quality education, e-commerce and smart cities. Reports shows that computer processing power is the most valued asset in the whole of IT world due to the continuous increase in it’s demand for technological disruptions. 

Various IT experts are voicing out their concerns on how the traditional methods of manufacturing and boosting processing power needed to have maximum computer efficiency can't meet up with the ever growing demands in the coming year due to invention of more technological pieces we see everyday.

Now it's crystal clear of such a great threat being faced by the IT world, what will be the future of tech and the fate of the entire world when things get pretty messier in the next few years to come? Despair not for this post will be introducing a solution powered by blockchain platform called Cyclops, the platform will be seeing to the problem of computational power with a worked out solution of using the resources of the gaming industry. Cyclops will in turn, reward gamers passively for using their gaming computers having huge processing power. 

Cyclops Will Provide A Feasible Solution: 

Cyclops platform is a Blockchain-Gaming based platform emerges to leverage the disruptive potentials of Blockchain and the combined revolutionary of various other Cutting-Edge technologies to provide a redefined solution that will solve wide range of problems across many industries as well underlying problems affecting these technological pieces as it has been confirmed many times that not even the blockchain alone can provide solutions to solve the underlying challenges affecting the blockchain/cryptocurrency sector. 

Disruptions being piloted by Blockchain Technology has arguably being the most discussed technological revolution since 2017. Over the span of few years, the revolutionary tech has proven many times to be capable of disrupting a wide range of industries especially, the ones that had a thing to do with transaction which would mean any and every industry and now, the tech giant will be saving the whole world as its revolutionary potentials pass far beyond the financial sector. The new tech has a decentralized potential to provide a distributed way of storing and sharing data across many blocks of secure networks. 

Cyclops disruption to save the entire IT world is through the creation of a secure processing power grid called Cyclops Power Supply Network. The platform has designed such a secure architecture using blockchain as it's underlying network to build a computer processing power Grid. I'm sure by now you would be thinking of where the processing power and GPU's would come from considering the insufficiency, cost and the huge demand for processing power by every technologically powered industry.

I'm pleased tell you that Cyclops will be leveraging the GPUs of high end gaming pc's worth more than $200 billion of processing power staying dormant in the gaming industry by designing a robust Application that make it easy for gamers to connect their GPU's to it’s processing power network 

Cyclops Opportunity And Prospect

The gaming industry is a huge community consisting of homogeneous set of people estimated to be more than 2 billion active gamers with each of them having strong gaming PC's whose GPUs Worth more than $500 each making the overall processing power in the gaming community worth over $100 billion. The huge resources and the monetary value of the gaming community has made the industry grow in revenue to almost $500 billions in the span of last few years. The gaming community will adopt the use of Cyclops product due to fact that gaming is an expensive hobby where gamers spend huge amount of money without anyway of monetizing their gaming experience or their high end PC GPUs.

Selling Cyclops products to the gaming community won't be much of a problem as they are set of individuals that has been termed tech savvy due to how they've seen their industry been disrupted by many revolutionary techs such as virtual reality, augmented reality and Artificial intelligence and also how Game producers have been creating virtual currency and assets for video games which is similar to the concept of cryptocurrency as a virtual currency. Cyclops product is more of a natural step in creating a revolutionary solutions to the entire IT world.  Cyclops Gamers Solution Like I've mentioned above, Cyclops sole aim is to provide an all round solution to the problem of computational power across the entire IT world. Cyclops will be using the generated Computer processing power to enhance the operational framework of wide array of sectors with immediate focus being on ending the challenges with cryptocurrency mining industry. Full implementation of Cyclops mining client will help the platform gain prominence across the IT world as well provide a better hedge to include other sectors that requires GPU related uses such as CGI Rendering in the future. 

Cryptocurrency mining industry: Is currently facing lots of challenges from lack of enough miners to validate transactions, to the huge processing power requirements by mining equipment, huge electricity consumption, low hash rate as well as government regulations against mining activities. Cyclops has worked out a go-to Application client called “Cyclops Gamer Solution” to connect gamers computer's GPU to Cyclops processing power supply network to be use for blockchain mining therefore bringing solution to gamers greatest problem of lack of monetization for their gaming PCs as well their gaming activities as they stand to earn passive income from the mining which they contributed their GPUs to. 


The whole process behind the usage of Cyclops product is easy as no prior knowledge of Blockchain mining is required of the gamers due to the automated Ai-Enabled nature of the Solution app to self manage itself as all it takes is just to install the solution app on a system with high performance GPU, a detail installation guide video is available on the Cyclops YouTube channel. With the help of the Ai imbedded in the solution app, it activate automatically when users leave their system for quite sometimes with no active interaction and the app auto-shut when the user interacts with the PC therefore leaving no room for the app to affect the PC GPU performance when the user is gaming.

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