• It contains a list of specific properties that can be digitized.
  • Data about the asset shareholders and property investors will be displayed.
  • Smart contracts take care of the token distribution process to the investors.
  • The platform ensures that the assets are tokenized by following legally-compliant protocols. All the reporting requirements of KYC/AML will be fulfilled to the regulatory authorities.
  • A Real Estate Tokenization platform also helps in listing the tokens on the leading secondary marketplaces. It stores the record of all the real estate transactions like an official registry. 
  • The investors can also grow their returns through staking, liquidity mining, and participating in airdrop programs.
  • API layers will be available to seamlessly integrate it with other platforms.
  • The core features are a payment gateway, an inbuilt marketing module, a performance tracker for campaign management, a dashboard for GDPR compliance, and a 100% source code.
  • The key benefits offered by immutable data storage, real-time synchronization, secure transfer of asset ownership, and a facility to process payment quickly in digital currencies.

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