Over 10 years ago, the first ever Blockchain coin (Bitcoin) was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, to serve as a digital currency that will make fiat currency obsolete and disrupt the world financial system. The Blockchain technology was equipped with incredible features like transparency, anonymity and decentralization.

However, the Blockchain technology ever since its creation has been progressively making impact in numerous institutions of the global economy due to it decentralized nature and features. Quite a lot of institutions have officially witnessed the significant effect of the Blockchain technology while the remaining are not lacking behind in the Blockchain evolution. These have led to the invention of diverse cryptocurrencies with different purposes for different institutions.

In spite of the availability of thousands of cryptocurrency in the crypto space, none of them has successfully tackled the issue of theft and loss of crypto assets. This is a main issue in the crypto space, because over 40% of crypto users have loss minor or major loss of their crypto assets due to theft or their own negligence (misplacing of private key or seed).

In other for cryptocurrency to successfully replace fiat and disrupt the world financial system, there is need for crypto users to be able to ensure the safety of their crypto assets.

OkGlobal Coin SWITCH

OkGlobal coin SWITCH is a progressive project utilizing the force of the Blockchain technology to upset the worldwide financial framework from the ordinary framework to an advanced Blockchain based framework. OkGlobal coin SWITCH will take care of the different issues tormenting the present conventional financial framework and join the arrangement with the force of the Blockchain technology to make its astonishing platform. OkGlobal plans to be the significant power later on for worldwide payment and individual finance management.

In contrast to the conventional financial framework and crypto industry whose value is sponsored predominantly by speculation, OkGlobal coin is upheld by genuine asset and reinvestment of benefits produced using payment processing, currency exchange and different investments into the platform.

Advantages of OkGlobal Coin SWITCH

  • Reduction of processing fees: OkGlobal will reduce (or eliminate) the huge processing fees that are charged for processing payment transactions on their platform.
  • Quick Payment Reconciliation: In the case there is discrepancies in the course of processing payment, OkGlobal ensure users quick reconciliation of such issues.
  • Elimination of currency devaluation: Unlike most crypto coins that lose value due to market volatility, OkGlobal coin value is backed by real life investments and profit.
  • Reallocation of profits: profits made from the OkGlobal platform are not squandered by the team but reallocated back to the platform as payment to the platform participants.

OkGlobal is endowed with an amazing project through which it is able to eliminate the threat of theft and loss of crypto coins. This project is My Identity Coin (MYID)

My Identity Coin

My Identity Coin (MYID) is a creative project based on the Ethereum Blockchain with the expectation of eradicating danger of theft and losses in the cryptocurrency business through its interesting tagging technology. MYID is the primary Blockchain project to consider the tagging and wrapping technology, to help eradicate loss of crypto coins either by theft or negligence (loss of private key) on the owner’s part.


Name: My Identity Coin

Token Ticker: MYID

Total supply: 100 billion

MYID ICO Price: 1 ETH = 500,000 MYID

The token sale is presently on and will end by 25th February 22, 2021. You can get yourself some of this amazing coin on the project website

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