There are thousands of crypto coins or tokens in the cryptocurrency market. Each of them serves a completely or partially different purpose. Some of them are very successful such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), etc. Some failed and a few are still struggling to fix their feet. 

Power Coin (PKoin) is probably the newest in the market but it is trustworthy and steadily on the way to achieve its goals. You probably wanted to know about PowerCoin and if yes then you are at the right palace we are here engraving all the unique factors about Power Coin.

Power Coin is unique, here is how

There are many unique things about the Power Coin, which can be easily observed while using it. However, for now, I think you don’t have it but you are interested to know about it and making an investment in it. So here are some unique points about PKoin you will find interesting:


Trusting on every cryptocurrency is a bit risky but what about an Asset-backed token? Yes, you read it right PowerCoin is an asset-backed hybrid stable coin that protects investors against volatility in the crypto marketplace. It is asset-backed by appreciating and income-producing physical and digital assets.

Indexed on ChainX

ChainX is a popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform with some strict rules and procedures to get an IEO listed on it. However, PKoin met all its requirements and got listed on ChainX is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the Korean crypto trading market.

It is the only cryptocurrency exchange platform from Korea that receives support and investment from NGC. From ChainX you can buy, sell, or exchange PKoin.

Brought to you by Power Corp

PKoin is backed by Power Corp, the company is revolutionizing crypto mining and financial services. It is innovating the Finance 3.0 approach by creating a more robust and better exchange of value systems.

Power Corp is developing a mining pool, 1 Gigawatt High-Performance Computing Data Center, Innovation Center while acquiring assets such as renewable energy systems, real estate,  intellectual property, financial instruments, digital and fiat currencies to back its hybrid stable coin PKoin.

Most liquid asset-based token

PKoin is possibly the most liquid asset-based token that supports the appreciation and earnings of physical and digital assets. Power Corp, PKoin, Power Vault, let Blockchain Mining empower your future by purchasing the most liquid asset-based tokens in the marketplace. Don’t miss the opportunity and buy PKoin now.

Monetize your assets

Power Corp and PowerCoin allow you to exchange your physical or even digital assets for PowerCoin and generate additional necessary capital for monetization of your assets. You can even exchange Bitcoin, Ether Coin and get capital without selling them completely.

Safer than you think

ChainX is safe because of its robust IEO verification process and KYC process. With these, ChainX eliminates fraud risk to an extent. REBASE system or mechanism of ChainX comes with features like top-notch wallet encryption, which means an even higher security level. ChainX also has features where users can hide their mo0st of the details thus it protects all the user data too.

Crypto Mining for more liquidity

The crypto mining facility will create increased liquidity in many altcoins and the power card can be used in the main street market. It will increase PowerCoin’s demand and value. These all will ultimately make a huge profit for investors and users.

Purchase hashing power using PKoin

The Power Coins (PKOIN) can be used as a stable coin, but it can also be used to purchase hashing power on Power Corp’s state-of-the-art mining operations. 

Crypto Mining running on Sustainable Energy

Power Corp’s crypto mining facility will increase liquidity, coin demand, and value but do you know that these facilities are running on renewable energy sources?

No? Yes, these facilities are running on sustainable Energy sources so that payback time for investment is compressed when producing PKoin with limited to no carbon signature.

The main goal of Power Corp and PowerCoin is to keep our users, coin holders, investors safe by building a distinct but at the same time stable portfolio by appreciating income-producing physical and digital assets that grow in value to its liquidity.

With PKOIN  the company has created a unique platform that utilizes a stable coin and blockchain technology to generate liquidity. If something is beneficial to that extension, by ignoring it you are losing a great opportunity. Don’t miss it, Buy PKOIN today and experience the next level of crypto mining and financial platform