Grandle is a decentralized Finance project that runs on the Ethereum based Smart Chain network that allows easy interoperability between different platforms and offers the lowest possible transaction fees in the crypto world. Our mission is to develop our applications on BSC and promote the features of decentralized finance that let our users earn tokens and gain many other economic benefits.

Grandle finance technology utilizes the liquidity of the popular AMMs to provide even better liquidity and yield-farming services for crypto traders and yield farmers. The depositors offer liquidity to the market and earn a passive income in the form of our Grand token. Grand token is minted by Liquidity Mining. This is the governance and equity token of the Grandle ecosystem. Users holding Grand can participate in liquidity farming and many other on-chain activities of the Grand ecosystem that encourages the economic benefits of our token holders. Grandle contract adopts an entirely fair distribution mechanism to make sure that no one can interrupt the fairness of our ecosystem.

Users benefit from the provision of enhanced liquidity and better yield farming capabilities. This is backed by an effective token system that enables crypto traders and yield farmers to maximize their financial earnings. Our robust distribution methods ensure zero disruptions to on-chain activities in the Grandle ecosystem to top it off.


  • FARMING & STAKING : On the farm, LP tokens can be deposited, locking them in a process that rewards you with Grandle. You can as well earn Grandle, where you can stake your Grandle to earn even more Grand
  • POOLING : The Grand pool lets you use your tokens and the liquidity provider (LP) token pair for farming (earn) a new token for free.
  • CROS-CHAIN SWAPPING : Crandlewas envisioned as an independent but complementary system to the existing Ethereum network. Multiple-chain architecture is used, with the idea being that users can seamlessly transfer assets from one blockchain to another.