The underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, are the two cutting-edge technologies in this new era.

There are 5,392 cryptocurrencies in circulation! The area has become stuffed. As the effect, attracting media coverage and swinging into the public eye by public relations, *pre-launch*, of an ICO, IEO, STO, or whatever you're offering is significant. Even though public relations can assist in making or ruining your blockchain company, it is often overlooked until late in the game.

“We’re over the ICO craze of 2017 and 2018, but we are seeing a renewed wave of interest for raising money from the crowd. The difference is now coin offerings are maturing, and as DeFi booms and institutional investors dive into crypto, a rising number of blockchain startups are looking to gain traction” – Motti Peer, CEO of Blockchain PR Agency ReBlonde

To address this situation here are some blockchain PR techniques which can be implemented immediately.

PR techniques for Crypto and Blockchain

In 2021, cryptocurrencies are expected to go through some major changes, as the industry is in its infancy stage and needs to be adopted and regulated across the world. However, blockchain technology is making its mark in sectors like automotive, government, healthcare, retail, and many more.

The use of public relations plays a vital role within the business as the industry starts to mature. It requires patience and time in mastering blockchain PR, however, if understood what is required it is not difficult to achieve.

A prioritized approach is key to kick-off. Tactics and strategies to be identified with a systematic approach. Iterations of approaches play a vital role in mastering blockchain PR.

Create a newsroom for your blockchain business on the internet.

Begin with what you already have your own media. Although having a website is important, there is one more website that can assist you in mastering blockchain PR: a newsroom on the internet.

Apart from traditional media coverage, you have full control of your own news and can choose what to make public. It's also a go-to platform for journalists, influencers, and even your customers who are interested in hearing about your company's latest news and press releases.

However, concerning the competition, whether from clients or the internet, both your newsroom and your website should be search engine friendly. Consider the following scenario: If a journalist is searching for new companies in the blockchain space and types in "most creative companies in blockchain," you'll want to appear on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP) for that reporter to see.

Consider making a press release with a 28-day media cycle in mind

The media industry continues to focus on press releases. It's not coincidence when properly written and posted, press releases are an outstanding way to spread the word about any firm. Moreover, many journalists regard them as verifiable information provided by the firm.

When it comes to press release distribution, there are two key approaches, and the same is true for blockchain and crypto PR:

  • Automated delivery of press releases (via newswires)
  • Manual distribution of news releases (via PR outreach tools)

Whatever choice you choose, please note that the media prefers to see businesses publish content every 28 days, whether it's earned or paid. The 28-day media cycle is what it's called.

As there is a lot of unknown territory in Blockchain PR techniques, the data shared by PR should follow these sequences.

  • Make a headline that will hold people's attention and tell them what the press release is about.
  • Try including a subheading to entice readers to continue reading.
  • Aside from the date and place, provide a quick outline of what, who, where, where, why, and how in the first line of your press release.
  • Then elaborate on the announcement's specifics.
  • Include social evidence to demonstrate that this information should be treated fairly.
  • Include quotes from key figures in the business, such as the CEO.
  • At the very end, have a structured about-us and contact details.

Note: Press releases should be meaningful, newsworthy, and only contain reliable, useful information. Or else, it may be difficult to generate any kind of buzz.

Make a proposal to blockchain journalists

Consider that media relations are a long-term task. Having an online press room and posting your press releases is a perfect way to begin, but if you want to see the effects of your blockchain PR efforts, you'll need to be more strategic and pitch blockchain journalists.

“Before you get a victory, a lot of publicity gets involved.”

If you want to be effective at approaching top blockchain journalists, don't let this discourage you. Instead, use this to prepare you for what's to come. On the other hand, once a connection is made, it can be retained by ensuring a constant interaction.

Start providing blockchain journalists or reporters you interact with frequently with original and relevant content angles. Proposal public relations articles you've written that connect with their path is one way to do this.

Make sure your thought leadership pieces include the following:

  • Original
  • Facts and figures to back it up
  • Effective and well-written.
  • A short presentation should be sent to the media, along with a good description of why it would profit their readers.

The fact is also that blockchain is still a nascent technology. You can not only get relevant media coverage but also identify your target audience with blockchain technology and your business by encouraging blockchain journalists in educating the public.

So, where to look for blockchain journalists?

Media journalists should be the key target for the blockchain and cryptocurrency companies who are active in the publication of creating and building blockchain PR buzz.

It's natural to wish to be all things to all people, but you can't. Your business can't be interesting to all media outlets, either. In reality, within your specialty, you can initially only impress the interest of a small number of people.

That isn't strictly true; in general, it can be advantageous; however, it is vital to evaluate who should have been included in your media list. Without investing a lot of money in advertisement, media attention will easily place crypto and blockchain companies like yours as industry leaders and pull in new leads.

Mastering blockchain PR

Other tactics will become more relevant as the ability to run PR campaigns, do PR outreach, and level the PR playing field increases. The following were just a few of the blockchain PR techniques:

  • Getting publicity and references in print and web media
  • Exposure on television and radio (broadcasting)
  • Press release distribution for a fee (newswires)
  • Outreach to the media
  • The buzz on social media
  • Different kinds of attention-grabbing areas (blogs, videos, long-form articles)
  • Paid advertisements and sponsored content

One thing is for sure, whether you go alone or make a contract with an experienced blockchain PR agency, you should look for positive, long-term relationships with top blockchain journalists. In the long run, this should benefit your business.