Student Coin is a cryptocurrency platform that is introducing to the world the usage of cryptocurrencies in a way where everything that has value and can grow in economic value can be tokenized using the Blockchain.

Have you ever had an idea that you think will change the world?

Have you ever embarked on an unconventional project but had to quit it because you don't have access to funding?

Have you been looking for ways to introduce your startup to the mainstream audience to get more investors and partners but have been unable to achieve these goals because the traditional system of things does not provide the same type of opportunities for startups as they do for established institutions?

Or do you feel that the potentials for success for your company or corporate organization are reduced due to your geographical location?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, then student coin is the cryptocurrency project that has been created just for you.

Existing Problems

In the traditional world economic landscape, there is a disconnect between the talents and disruptive ideas available and the opportunities present. All over the world, some people have their business skills and ideas crippled due to lack of funding, access to qualified partners, and overall exposure.

Many projects have died in the inception stage due to reasons like no feasible ways of accomplishing them.

Blockchain Solution Through - Student Coin

Student Coin is the blockchain's solution to these and many more projects that people encounter in the world's present economic landscape. Student coin provides this solution through mainstream tokenization.

Student coin built on the blockchain allows users to easily tokenize their skills, works, projects, startups, and companies by equipping them with the tools and infrastructure needed to build their personal cryptocurrency (tokens).

With a student coin, a person can create his own token as a utility for his special set of skills, and anyone who owns those tokens supports him financially and these tokens owned represents an economic value of the products of these skills.

This applies similarly to startups. Startups that have previously lacked access to funding to push their projects to a successful completion can now tokenize their projects and perform a blockchain-based crowdfunding campaign through the student coin platform.

Student coin is opening up the world economy through the Blockchain in a way that was previously impossible in the traditional market landscape.

Student Coin tokenization ecosystem consists of three main platforms interconnected with each other. These components are the STC terminal, STC exchange, and the STC App. The STC ecosystem is run by the STC token which is the utility token and cryptocurrency that controls the ecosystem.

STC token is owned by the users of the ecosystem and it gives them the ability to use and perform all the functions available on the platform.

What More Students Coin Offers

As its name suggests, student coin also provides an educational platform for users who want to learn more about cryptocurrencies. This educational platform will contain all the basic to advanced technical knowledge of cryptocurrencies. For a technology that is still relatively new like blockchain technology, there is an overwhelming need to educate people about cryptos, and how it works and student coin has an educational existence dedicated for that purpose.

Student Coin ICO

The student coin launchpad ICO just concluded with the project successfully raising its funding target before the initial ending date of April 30th. The funds raised during the fundraiser will be dedicated to the creation of the STC terminal, STC Exchange, STC App, Development of the Educational database, Listing student coin on top excuses and also establishing more partnerships with top universities around the world.

The idea behind the student coin project is a unique one and the project team is made up of professionals that are capable of achieving them.

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