Are you interested in cryptocurrency? Then you should definitely follow my article. I keep writing about new developments with you every day, I am in front of you again to share new news. The invention of the internet subsequently led to its own currency. The birth of Bitcoin and the smart contract storm that followed continue to lead the way in the creation of new technologies. I intend to offer you in this article.

This is the world's initially renting stage based on a decentralized system, entirely controlled by blockchain technology. The main reason for the progressing venture is to dispatch them to a great degree creative FTX Finance stage and FTXT Tokens.

What is FTX Fund FTX Fund

is a blockchain platform under FTX Finance LTD was born with a mission to create a giant foundation in the blockchain industry. FTX FINANCE specializes in the following areas: Digital Real Estate Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, E-commerce, Business Social Network, and International Payment Gateway.

Blockchain technology and decentralization are changing the world. These technologies together providing solutions to many realistic problems from all sectors. And FTX Finance is here to revolutionize the E-Commerce and Digital Real Estate market. FTX Finance is the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) powered, FTX Finance decentralized exchange platform. Digital Real Estate Exchange industry is one of the largest global asset sectors. Over the years brokers, landlords and customers struggled with many problems in the traditional system. Now by the use of blockchain technology FTXF Tokens is here to provide real time solution to commercial real estate problems.

PROBLEMS IN INDUSTRY: Current problems faced by the Real Estate industry

• Antiquated and disparate technology

• Inaccurate and unverified listing data

• Time-consuming due diligence

• Full property history not available

• Poor cash flow management

• Industry data kept behind closed doors

• Lack of real-time data for decision making

• Static property visualization

• Difficulty in Investing overseas


• Digital Real estate and marketing automation

• Smart property search

• Upfront due diligence

• Full property history at a glance

• Smart Contracts

• Digital identities of people and properties

• Easy and secure data sharing

• AI for decision making

• AR/VR walkthroughs

With our goal of building a comprehensive and multi-functional ecosystem of multiple platforms, this is the first step towards our success, and the success of our community. FTX Finance is here to revolutionize the digital real estate industry. FTX Finance is the key of trust and transparency in the commercial real estate market. It is an amazing realistic use case project to invest.


From its looks, the organization generally seems to be fantastically professional. Obviously, before you go and put a vast entirety of cash into them – it's best to focus on how everything becomes all-good finished the following couple months. This is a platform that will help the world transition into new types of solutions for payment and reward programs for vendors and consumers that make it easier for them to use digital cryptocurrency to make daily payments.

Starting Time: JUN 01, 2021 (10:00)

Tokens Exchange rate: 1 FTXF = 0,6$

Total tokens sale: 3.500.000 FTXF

Min – Max: 1.000 FTXF - 10.000 FTXF

Total Supply: 100.000.000

Token Name: FTX FUND

Token Type: BEP-20 Token

Symbol: FTXF

Contract: 0xd90f0846b9d0f371b35a9fe89102c306458aa56f

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