Providing shelter to everyone the basic right of every human being and real estate sector has seen immense growth over last few decades. A recent estimate indicates that the total worth of global real estate sector is about $228 trillion which is 2.8 times of global GDP growth. But in recent times, real estate is facing serious threats such as political involvement, less affordability, climate changes, e-commerce and infrastructure. There was a need of some automated system which have the combination of some of the best and smartest technologies in this digital real estate industry so that we can attract the attention of maximum potential investors and bring heavy investments to this sector. FTX Finance (FTXF Coin) is allowing this dream to become reality in no time as it has been integrated with a combination of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology on digital real estate sector.

About FTX Finance

FTX FINANCE LTD is a corporation specializing in fintech investment and financial technology. FTX FINANCE was established in the UK, founded by a team with extensive experience in investment funds, financial technology, and global trade from the EU, US and ASIA.

FTX FINANCE Specializes in the following areas: Digital Real Estate Exchange, Decentralized Exchange, E-commerce, Business Social Network, and International Payment Gateway.

Our Innovative developer team, experienced property professionals, and Blockchain fans together build the next generation digital real estate exchange platform.

We believe everyone must have access to affordable digital assets, but so many don’t even know where to start. Our goal is to open access to markets that were previously inaccessible and give people the opportunity to grow their money with the market, while cutting off intermediaries to produce better profits for our customers. Our secondary market will be decentralized, in accordance with our values ​​and beliefs to give people full control of their assets.


Our vision is to decentralize exchange transactions commonly used in the real estate industry. We will make the entire process transparent to give ordinary people a chance to be part of deals that have traditionally been kept behind closed doors.

Now see how FTX Finance Works; find a property from our catalog and select the property blocks you would like to make your money to be invested in. You can view every single detail of that property as it stated on digital profit, history and other necessary documents. After that, you can purchase the blocks according to the value of each block. There are no hidden fees or charges on monthly profit one earns back for his investment. All fees and charges are already deducted from your initial investment income as we truly believe in introducing transparency.

On the other end, we are going to introduce our own cryptocurrency using Smart Contract base on Binance Smart Chain protocol. It will make it easier to make transparent transactions for anyone and everyone will have opportunities to make their profit in the largest asset industry. FTXF Tokens will be transforming the mechanism of making transactions and investments. FTXF Tokens Sale is live now. You can access it at

FTX Finance is working on the vision of making the real estate dealings and transactions more efficient and transparent. Our developers and designers aim at providing equal chances to every willing individual who wants to make investment of any type (Buying, Selling and Dealing) in real estate digital sector. The next question is how FTX Finance is different from its competitors. The answer lies in a simple logic that we have divided the properties into blocks of different sizes; thanks to the fractional ownership thing.

FTX Finance Network Sales is for early investors who want a crypto currency that can grow with a use case or have access to the first Real Estate offer on an online platform. The use of FTX Fund is a property transaction, any FTXF Tokens that are applied through an online platform give you the right to obtain equity and return on real estate.

The purpose of selling initial tokens is to build an online platform and obtain real estate chosen by FTX Finance platform specialists, digital real estate exchange will be offered to investors through online platforms, this will increase the value of FTXF Coins when building business social networks and international payment gateway.

Control Your Investments


Asset ownership is stored immutably and decentralized on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Blockchain. This means that your transactions are transparent and secure.


You can sell your digital asset (FTXF Coins) through our online auction feature or directly through exchange with any of our members meaning your returns on a highly sought property are worth as much as anyone is willing to buy for it!


Payment is made by Smart Contract or paid directly into your bank account in FIAT cash.


Track your payments and investments through our online platform or mobile app, get alerts via email on your winning bids or sales from our online digital agent


Your Private key gives full control of your assets and payments on the FTX Finance Network platform.


An Artificial Intelligence agent will provide 24hr support with exceptional customer service, creating a platform that anyone can use at anytime, anywhere in the world!


FTX Fund digital asset platform will provide a 24-hour communication channel, providing exceptional customer service that you can count on. We strive to ensure transparency and integrity, therefore overcoming poor communication problems or hidden agendas that may be experienced by some people with agents or brokers. In addition to providing excellent customer service, digital agents cut costs, which in turn create savings for our buyers.

Token Sales Information:

Starting Time: JUN 01, 2021 (10:00)

Tokens Exchange Rate: 1 FTXF = 0,6$

Total Tokens Sale: 3.500.000 FTXF

Min – Max: 1.000 FTXF - 10.000 FTXF

Total Supply: 100.000.000 Token


Token Type: BEP-20

Token Symbol: FTXF

Smart Contract: 0xd90f0846b9d0f371b35a9fe89102c306458aa56f

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