Digital and crypto currencies are taking place in our world. Many governments have been trying to bring them under some kind of rules and regulations, but ultimately all failed.

Above all, there were two really glorious news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts as El Salvador became the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, and the other was a report that revealed that Africa is leading the world in cryptocurrency adaptation.

These two news are really reinforcing confidence in the future of Cryptocurrency, ICO, IEO, STO, Blockchain and Crypto based projects.

Are ICOs still happening?

Yes, there were news and rumors about ICO scams and IEOs becoming the next big thing in this area. But even after the growing popularity of IEOs, ICOs and STOs are still relevant. There are still projects that hold token sales on their own, without relying on exchanges.

ICOs are still a popular way of raising funds, and if you don’t know about them here is something that needs your attention: In a classic ICO, a startup issues its tokens and sells them through its website in exchange for other tokens (such as bitcoin or ethereum) or even fiat currency.

Companies starting crypto based projects are aware of the fact that ICOs’ popularity has been reduced in the past few years. And that’s why they are adopting new models where the risk to the investors is reduced.

Ingredients to maximise your profit

For investors, their success and return on investment depend primarily on personal research, knowledge, future thinking, and understanding of market flows. You have to find the best and most relevant ICO and then invest in it with the right amount at the right time to get the maximum possible profit.

There are many online and offline sources that you can visit and study to gain knowledge, experience and understanding. But we can help you in finding the best ICO from 2500+ ICOs.

Yes, there are 2500+ active ICOs and we are suggesting one that features a good business plan, trustworthy details, genuine problem solving approach, good future scope and also having low price at the present time.

Meet PoiCoin - Africa's First Coin

PoiCoin aims to review Africa's dying economy, It is the Africa’s first coin in Value exchange and empowerment because it is backed by a team of experts and incorporates the latest technology to bring existing and new blockchain users together and then providing them better access to finance, marketplace, and ecosystem all with DApps.

And if you don’t know about DApps then let me tell you that DApps are open source development platforms which will give access to developers and enthusiasts to develop robust apps or DApps.

With PoiCoin users and almost every part of the POICoin ecosystem will make better profits and get easier access to finance for their business and living. Additionally, they will have access to all the goods/services and they can pay using PoiCoin and DApps.

Our Payment platform is fast and efficient and all users will get easy access with their smartphones. There is no cryptocurrency in Africa that is operating at this level. In this way PoiCoin is the first coin in Africa.

Why is POICoin the Best ICO to Invest in 2021?

The company holding an ICO, and claiming it to be the best ICO must clearly state the maximum coin supply, as well as the number of tokens allocated to the founders, early investors, partners, and the company. Additionally, business plans and roadmap should be also clearly mentioned /explained in their project white paper.

PoiCoin ticks all the checklists confidently. Additionally, the value of POI is lower and it possesses a great future scope as it is working in an under-developed continent, and reaching easily a large group of audience by utilizing the power and reach of mobiles.

Now after a well-detailed introduction let’s come to the main point, ICO Sale. PoiCoin is hosting ICO Pre-Sale in two-phases. The first phase has already ended on June 13, 2021, but the ICO pre-sale second phase is already started from July 5, 2021. 8:00 UTC and will end on July 31, 2021 23:59 UTC. 20,000,000 POI tokens will be available for buying at $0.15/POI price during this phase of pre-sale.

This POI pre-sale is open to registered members only. To participate in the pre-sale, you need to visit, use join poicoin button to register and then follow the instructions to invest in it. Thus, don’t miss the opportunity and invest in POICoin now.