The KOINOMO Fund is a global investment fund, and a global investment fund requires a global base currency, This currency is Bitcoin/USD, often known as digital gold. Bitcoin has been the best performing asset since its creation in 2009 by a man named Satoshi Nakamoto. This person/ group does not control Bitcoin as Bitcoin is controlled and owned by the person who has it. You can learn more by visiting our website :

What is Koinomo Fund?

Koinomo is a platform for the future of fund management using Smart contracts based on blockchain technology. Koinomo aims to have the most effective and efficient Fund so that users have the best experience all in one place. Koinomo is a Decentralized Assets Management & Investments Fund Built on Binance Smart Chain.

What is blockchain

Blockchain is technology for creating permanent, secure digital recordings that don’t rely on any single person or group. Blockchains can record any information, though the first example was created to record bitcoin transactions. Imagine the blockchain as a book of records. Each page in that book, is a block, and can record anything. Blocks are created one after the other, chained to each other creating what we know as the blockchain. Multiple blockchain records are maintained simultaneously by many of unrelated individuals and their computers, making it cloud storage on steroids. Updates are seen immediately and manipulation is extremely difficult/impossible. This positive quality known of many people keeping their own copies of the blockchain is known as “distributed”.


Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is best described as a blockchain that runs in parallel to the #BinanceSmartChain Binance Chain. Unlike Binance Chain, BSC boasts smart contract functionality and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The design goal here was to leave the high throughput of Binance Chain intact while introducing smart contracts into its ecosystem.

In essence, both blockchains operate side-by-side. It’s worth noting that BSC isn’t a so-called layer two or off-chain scalability solution. It’s an independent blockchain that could run even if Binance Chain went offline. That said, both chains bear a strong resemblance from a design standpoint.


KOINOMO #Koinomo allows investors to deposit Bitcoin into a pool of other Bitcoins from investors all over the world, from which our company invests and trades on the cryptocurrency market which is similar to the forex market. Our main trading pair is BTC: USD, All trading happens at our trading desk with the goal of returning profit for all participating members. As the demand for Bitcoin increases due to a growing number of investors entering the cryptocurrency industry, so too does the value of the individual digital asset. The cryptocurrency industry is still in its nascent stages, therefore it currently offers great opportunities to invest before mainstream adoption occurs, increasing the likelihood of high returns at a later date. As an analogy, this is akin to buying stocks of a company prior to its rise to success, thereby earning investors handsome returns as the company’s shares rise in value versus whatever price point they were purchased at.

How koinomo Manages Funds

To become an investor in the KOINOMO Fund, you must first visit Once there you navigate to the signup button also known as “Start Investing”. You will then be directed to the KOINOMO PORTAL which was briefed upon earlier in this whitepaper. On our site, you will be able to send funds from your current accounts to your wallet by using your QR code or Wallet Address. Further instructions on this step will be mentioned below in the “KOINOMO Wallet Explanation” section and thereafter in the “KOINOMO Fund Funding Procedure”

We are here to invest and trade digital assets on your behalf because when you profit, we profit with you. You must be aware of the risks and accept these risks to invest in our fund. Furthermore, we operate on the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Only 30–60% of the pooled investment amount is actively traded on exchanges, and the remaining 40–70% of pooled funds are stored in our base currency, Bitcoin, and held in cold storage, thereby mitigating the risks of hacks as cold storage cannot be tampered with. Information contained on the KOINOMO website ( and portal, as well as the products, services, tools, and materials contained or described herein (the“Whitepaper”), is only appropriate for viewing by those who are interested in growing their BTC assets.

By accessing this Whitepaper and the KOINOMO Portal, you confirm that: You are doing so at your own initiative and that any subsequent investment by you in a product or service related to vKOINOMO may not be covered by the laws and regulations governing the sales of securities and provision of financial services in your jurisdiction; you are permitted under the laws applicable to you and any organization which you represent to access this website. In the event that you are unable to provide the confirmation above, you are forbidden from accessing the website and KOINOMO disclaims all liability arising to you as a result of your prohibited access to the website and fund itself. Moreover, KOINOMO is not responsible for lost or stolen funds if you give your own password away or do not lock up your device and/or account. Your wallet seed keys and passwords are entirely yours to keep safe and you must do so to ensure your account’s security. Finally, KOINOMO is an investment fund that sees daily changes in both directions. This means that your BTC may grow on some days and decline on others. This is critical to understand before entering the fund as losses do happen even though KOINOMO has been profitable in the long haul and continues to strive in that path.

KOINOMO Wallet Explanation

After you create your wallet, you will need to transfer Bitcoin from either your exchange of choice or another existing wallet. Upon sending your Bitcoin to the KOINOMO wallet, your bal- ance at the top right corner should reflect theamount of Bitcoin you transferred to the wallet. Now that these funds are visible, Click on Invest Bitcoin to FUND, input the amount, select the network you wish to use. From here, you will need to confirm your investment into the fund by re-entering your password, you will be shown a green checkmark along with a trans-action ID to track your funds across the block- chain Within 24 hours, you will see your invest- ment on the KOINOMO Fund page. This pro- cessing is due to our system’s investment cycle restarting every 24 hours, updating all profits and losses made during that day.

Profit And Loss Calculations

KOINOMO calculates all profits in USDT, meaning that after your Bitcoin is invested, our goal will be to increase the FIAT Value of your bitcoins even if the market is bearish. For example, if you deposit 1 BTC at the current price of $38,000, our mandate would be to increase that FIAT and Bitcoin amount even on a bearish market or cycle via trading and investing. e.g the price of bitcoin drops to $32,000, our fund makes an average of 15% at the end of the month which gives you a profit of $5,700 plus $38,000 equals $43,700. if withdrawn you will be getting 1.365 BTC in your wallet. As with any investing activ-ity, losses are also possible in the fund. When losses occur, the value of the losses will be distributed among investors proportionally to their respective degrees of investment in the fund. Such losses will then be updated in the account in the same manner as the profit.

Profit Distribution Process

All profits will be split at a ratio of 2:8 in that KOINOMO takes 20% and the investor (you) takes 80%. Your account balance gets recalculated and updated every 24 hours. After 24 hours, if your account has made a profit, it will be split via the profit ratio of 2:8 (20%) to us and 80% to you). Your capital will continuously be compounding in the fund; your profits will continue to add up in your account until you choose to withdraw a portion or all of your earnings. You are also able to withdraw your entire account balance at any time.

Let’s consider an example to illustrate how KOINOMO’s profit distribution model works. Suppose an investor deposits 1 BTC at $38,000 on January 1st, and the total profit gen-erated from that 1 BTC ($38,000) investment equals 15% ($5,700) as at 00:00 UTC on January 2nd. In this case, KOINOMO would deduct its 20% of the profit ($1,140), and the investor would be left with an updated balance of $42,560 (1.12BTC at the current price of $38,000 for 1 BTC).

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