Game is nothing new in the blockchain space, it's been known since late 2017 from CryptoKitties. However, its popularity at that time did not last long for various reasons. Now, blockchain-based games are again having a place in the community. The rapid growth of blockchain technology especially in NFT and DeFi has changed the blockchain-based game. By utilizing in-game NFT and DeFi, players can now play p2e games where players use NFT to play and earn money while playing.

Unfortunately, the initial capital to play popular p2e games is not small and not many people can afford it. It's time to look for new p2e games, which won't require heavy pockets and still have plenty of room to grow. If you're looking for that, Cryptopia Land might be what you're looking for.

Cryptopia Land is a new p2e mining simulation game that is being developed on Ethereum and BSC. The game is not live yet but will soon enter the beta testing stage. This game genre is different from other p2e games, which are mostly fighting, RPG, or other genres. Not too many competitors yet and who knows this game will be one of the best games in its genre in the future.

Cryptopia Land sneak peek

Cryptopia Land players will be able to participate in various activities such as research, manufacturing, mining, and more. Players can design their own mining tools and participate in resource mining on various planets. Cryptopia Land is a game that keeps expanding as new resources are discovered and each resource is different from the others. Players can earn Cryptopia Land tokens while playing. In addition, Cryptopia Land will also provide a decentralized auction for players to trade their Cryptopia Land assets.

Cryptopia Land roadmap

The development of Cryptopia Land is divided into three phases: Moon, Mercury, and Venus.

1. Moon (Cryptopia Land is now here)

  • Game concept design
  • Website and social media launch
  • Contract deployment
  • Airdrop
  • Marketing (ongoing)
  • PancakeSwap listing (initial liquidity will be created on September 15, initial rate 1 CLD = 0.1 USD)
  • Beta testing (will start in a few days and only for 200 testers)

2. Mercury (until March 2022)

  • Public beta
  • CEX listing
  • Launch of decentralized auction
  • Team expansion

3. Venus (until July 2022)

  • New partnership
  • Web version
  • Mobile wallet
  • Staking

Cryptopia Land token - Cryptopia Land Dollar (CLD)

Cryptopia Land Dollar (CLD) is the native currency of Cryptopia Land. Players can acquire mining equipment, armor, pay mining fees, and more with CLD. CLD has a total supply of 4,000,000 CLD with the following allocation:

  • 17.5% or 700,000 CLD for game rewards
  • 12.5% or 500,000 CLD for initial liquidity pool
  • 5% or 200,000 CLD for initial reward
  • 5% or 200,000 CLD for beta testers, locked for 6 months
  • 35% or 1,400,000 CLD for development fund
  • 25% or 1,000,000 CLD for teams, locked for 12 months

Cryptopia Land is still in the early stage. If you have questions, you can reach the team or visit the Cryptopia Land website and social media.






Written by: nagauruk