A few months ago, Elon Musk suspended BTC payment for Tesla’s purchase due to environmental concerns posed by BTC mining operations. It wreaked havoc on the crypto community as many people thought it was an invalid reason. BTC mining operations only consume about 80 TWh annually or 0.35% of the total 23,000 TWh global electricity consumption. It’s not that big, but it’s true that BTC mining operations have contributed to climate change. I think Elon has made a good point. Climate change is an urgent problem in the world as it gets worse every year. Every possible way, no matter how small the impact, needs to be done to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute significantly to climate change on earth.

Now we don’t have to worry about climate change anymore because we have Green Climate World, a blockchain-based project created to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly so that the earth becomes healthy again.

Planting trees

There are 2 ways to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. First is the transition from non-renewable energy use to renewable energy. From fossil energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas to water, wind, or solar. The second way is by planting trees. Both can be done simultaneously and Green Climate World will do the latter.

Greenhouse gases consist of several gases and the most dominant is carbon dioxide. Therefore, reducing greenhouse gases can be done by reducing carbon dioxide and it can be done by planting trees. Carbon dioxide is a component needed by trees in the process of photosynthesis and each tree throughout its life will remove about 7 tons of carbon dioxide. Trees are also a producer of oxygen. So, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases, planting trees will also meet the oxygen needs of all humans on earth, which is estimated to need 7–8 trees for 1 person.

It is estimated the earth needs 500 billion trees every year to fight climate change. Planting trees is usually done manually, but this method is slow and the success rate is low due to human error in the planting process and not providing adequate nutrition to the seeds. Green Climate World has found a way to plant as many trees as possible with the highest success rate. Green Climate World will use a custom-built drone that can plant up to 100 times faster and the success rate is much higher than the manual method. With the help of planting experts, the drones are programmed and loaded with biodegradable capsules. The process begins with determining the location and nutrients for the seeds to grow healthily, then drones fly and shoot biodegradable capsules at the location. The outer layer of the biodegradable capsule will decompose and releases all the seeds and nutrients.

Green Climate World will take a portion of the value of the WCG token to plant trees. Green Climate World will fund the entire process or collaborate with non-profit organizations.

Green climate tracker portal

The main goal of Green Climate World is to record atmospheric data onto the blockchain. The amounts of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity are measured by special atmospheric sensors that are connected to the internet to transmit live data. The information collected will be stored on the blockchain and will be publicly available and accessible via the website and mobile application.

Green Climate World token (WGC)

WGC has a total supply of 1 billion WGC. WGC contract address:

Green Climate World roadmap

WGC is listed on Digifinex, Hotbit, Coinsbit, and PancakeSwap. You can check it on Coingecko or CMC. For more information, please visit the Green Climate World website and social media:



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