HUMU is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform designed for creators in fashion and a range of other industries. HUMU intends to help boost the creator economy by providing more opportunities for creators to develop and tokenize their work. The platform aims to deal with a number of creator industry problems, including unfair and slow payouts, lack of transparency, lack of opportunities, etc.

The HUMU Marketplace is governed by the HUMU Token, which is a cryptocurrency built upon the ERC20 technology. HUMU tokens will be used to tokenize every content or work on the HUMU marketplace into a unique NFT with distinct features and strengths.

Powered by HUMU Token

“All features on the HUMU unity platform, such as our loyalty programs, referral program, beta testing, trade of digital goods, advertisement, and much more, work exclusively with HUMU Tokens.”

HUMU token will work as a soul and blood for the HUMU Ecosystem, as it will be the base of every transaction and feature on the platform. Creators will get paid in HUMU tokens and can use them for buying, selling & reselling as well as convert in cash.

Through the HUMU token, the HUMU Unity platform will be open to everyone. Creators in any industry can use the platform to monetize their work by easily turning it into an NFT game. Interested buyers can purchase their favorite NFTs using ETH or HUMU tokens for payments. 

The HUMU Unity platform will also be available in the form of a globally accessible mobile app. The HUMY Unity Go app will offer the most exclusive deals to the users and can be accessed with HUMU tokens.

Virtual Item Tokenization - How it works

One of the primary objectives of the HUMU platform is to provide a way for easy and quick ionization of virtual assets such as images, videos, digital art, content, and more.

Creators can join the HUMU platform to tokenize their work into tradable NFTs and sell them to a global community through the HUMU unity marketplace. HUMU will allow creators and fans from all over the world to come together and trade with each other, buying and selling the creative work through a highly secure and global platform. Creators can opt to receive payments in HUMU tokens. All payments will be instant and totally discreet. HUMU tokens will provide a convenient and fair means for paying creators for their work and other activities on the HUMU marketplace platform.

How to use HUMU tokens

HUMU tokens can be exclusively used within the HUMU marketplace for buying the work of creators.

The team will soon develop and launch a dedicated online platform where HUMU token holders would be able to use their tokens to buy physical goods and services without needing to exchange or convert the tokens.

There are multiple ways to earn tokens on the HUMU platform, besides tokenizing and selling your creative work. These include trading of NFTs, participating and winning in weekly contests, sharing with & referring users to join the platform, participating in beta testing on HUMU, and writing reviews.

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