Crypto is undoubtedly the best means of investing in the last decade. In crypto, investors can earn huge profits in a relatively short time. It's nothing special if someone makes x10 of their investment in less than a year. However, it's not as easy as it looks. Many people try to jump in but ended up with a loss because of carelessly invest due to limited resources or technical understanding of crypto products. Those limitations are what PolkaParty will cover. PolkaParty is creating an easy-to-use platform to connect ordinary investors, influencers, crypto veterans, or anyone else so they can interact, research, and vote thus complementing each other's limitations and ultimately allowing anyone to enjoy huge profit from crypto.

To start the experience with PolkaParty, users need to choose which party to join. PolkaParty will rank parties based on funds, members, activities, and party growth. The statistics and ranking of the parties will be available on the user's dashboard so that the user can choose wisely. There are four party models available, including:

1. Democracy: all members have the same position and voting power.

2. Weighted democracy: voting power depends on the percentage of tokens holding.

3. Monarchy: voting power lies with a party creator. It is advisable to join a party created by a highly reputable individual.

4. Republic: governed by a minimum of seven members who hold power equally among themselves.

After selecting the party of choice, the user integrates his wallet with the party wallet and becomes a party member. Users can connect with other members to interact, conduct research, and vote for party actions. Members who have voting rights are those who meet the criteria set by the party, while members who don't meet the criteria don't have voting rights. However, every member regardless of having voting rights or not will be able to contribute funds to the party's wallet and get profit from the party's actions. Funds contribution and profits can be withdrawn within a predetermined time frame and will be penalized if withdrawn early.

PolkaParty will also feature weekly and monthly goals and a party that can complete it first will be rewarded with social tokens, NFT, and more. It will increase competition between parties and party members will work together to make their party the best. By joining a party, users can invest and gain access to all DeFi features.

Decentralized VC

If you pay attention to tokens that are x10 or even more, they are already x10 since the beginning of the listing. It is not possible to buy those tokens at the launch price due to the intense competition between other buyers and bots. The only way to buy those tokens is during the initial phase of the token sale, however, it requires a large contribution and most investors have limited capital.

By joining a party on PolkaParty, party members can pool their money together and the minimum contribution will no longer be a barrier to buying potential tokens that will be the next x10. Together with a party, you become a whale and can compete with other VCs.


Apart from the initial phase of the token sale, IDO is another popular method of token sale that allows investors to buy tokens at a low price. PolkaParty will hold an IDO of verified projects every quarter called kickback. Anyone can participate in kickback by burning LP tokens and will get NFT as a ticket to participate in kickback.

Yield farming

Yield farming is one of the DeFi products that have attracted many people. Yield farming allows investors to earn lucrative passive income, however, it is only really profitable for investors with large capital not for small capital investors. On PolkaParty, a party can flow the pooled funds to yield farming. With combined capital, yield farming with a party will be very profitable.


In addition to investment and access to DeFi products, PolkaParty is also launching NFT. PolkaParty released the first set of NFT called PartyApes. There are only 1,000 PartyApes available which consist of 5 tiers.

PartyApes is a revenue-generating NFT. 20% of all future income of PolkaParty will be distributed to NFT holders according to the NFT tier. For example, a holder of tier-5 NFT will get 0.125% of 20% PolkaParty income + 50k POLP. This is a great opportunity and if you're interested, head over to It only costs 500 USDC to mint the NFT and only 563 NFT is left.

PolkaParty token (POLP)

POLP is an ERC-20 based token that has two main utilities, for governance and staking. POLP holders can make protocol decisions for most PolkaParty products and features. POLP holders can also stake their tokens to receive daily payouts of up to 50% of the distribution fees of the PolkaParty platform. On the other hand, POLP is the first auto liquidity token on ERC-20 where every transaction will be taxed 5% which will be added to the liquidity pool.

For now, POLP holders can stake their tokens to share 1,000,000 POLP.

PolkaParty team

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Written by: nagauruk