Hi guys, Shortly I wanna show you about Yarloo Financial Revolution System in Cryptocurrency Sector. How to pay for something in the present era has shifted into the digital sphere. How to pay digitally is considered to facilitate the user and reduce the errors that often occur in payment traditionally. In fact, the traditional way of payment is now almost extinct replaced by digital payments.

The latest development on the blockchain as we speak right now is this platform called DeFi Yarloo. It has just emerged and is promising especially for those who intend to explore the blockchain. It is a remarkable project that will for governance system and will provide a lot of quality services on DeFi for all users of DeFi and of digital assets. This platform called YARL Coin finance is one big project that plans to boost the activities of the entire users of blockchain and now it is already at the verge of making its solutions available and useful for all.

How online gaming (Lottery) industry has taken over all other industries in these century we are now, in the sense that it is the safest revenue generating investment you can ever engage in. Also, it is rapidly growing as a result of the ubiquity of the Internet in the sense that players are entitled to playing wherever they are and whenever they wish to do so at any point in time.

Major Challenge Some of Gaming industries are facing today:

1. High fees being charges by platforms which are means of extorting users

2. Inadequate security protocols that prone these platform to several attacks by hackers

3. Payments after winning not guaranteed

4. Unreasonable and unfair policies that discourages users

5. Complex interfaces that make it difficult for newbies to comprehend and

6. Lack of transparency that makes it easy to carry out fraudulent activities and several others.

The Yarloo platform plans to give a whole lot to the community through the unique governance system and an approach that will be in favour of DeFi and all the services it has to provide to the users will always be available and provided in full quality to all those participating in the system. DeFi services will become widespread and will be easily integrated into other projects or any other ways they could be adopted in full scale. This platform is majorly for all the holders of YARL Coin, there is nothing that would be done without the involvement of this token because of the fact that it allows fast Integration and is capable of giving all the users directions. It is a fully decentralized project with decentralized solutions that renders appropriate protection for the system because that is part of the reason for its creation.

Introducing This is a leading online blockchain based gaming platform that is legally licensed and regulated and allows you to make use of your cryptocurrencies in playing several lottery games, sports betting and slots. This platform aims to revolutionize the gaming industry by making its platform fast and free with cryptocurrency support, fair and transparent operations to players and investors through the use of smart contracts and also making available lottery games and sports betting.

What makes Yarloo a Unique Platform?

Yarloo - a unique global lottery and betting platform built with Binance Smart Chain (BSC-20) on the systems, bringing together all sections of an industry in ecosystem game where everybody's players, developers, merchants and community games can get the fair, transparent, fair reward they get in a YARL - Token that can easily exchanged in open markets. Ecosystems built around the game process can be broadcasted using the Gaming Streaming platform, Yarloo as well as being a market for gaming and jeuga platforms as a platform for betting and staking in-game items. Game Developer Market gets a share of transaction costs and bets. In this case YARL - Token, Withdraw funds to make this game on Yarloo App Platform Crowdfunding, part of its income is also distributed among investors.

With the Blockchain integrated solution being provided by this Yarloo platform, then it’s obvious that the online gaming industry is just about to witness a positive turn around as demonstrated below.

Advantages for Yarloo CryptoCurrency Holders:


Since Protocol Embedded Staking (PES) allows complete availability of token usage in other NFTs products, rewards can be “doubled” using Yarloo platform. These way staking rewards are an extra Layer of passive income. The upcoming liquidity incentive program will offer Yarloo Holders another distinctive additional income stream.


Yarloo Staking is embedded within standard BSC-20 transfer functions and is fully automated and 100% passive with no need for user decisions or interactions to receive rewards therefore.


Yarloo Finance is compatible with any Binance Smart Chain (BSC-20) based NFTs project. YARL Coins can be used like all standard BSC-20 tokens for pooling, yield farming, mining and so on, all this while continuously yielding additional staking tokens to holders.


Yarloo Finance protocol embedded staking evenly adjust all balances according to the embedded supply development preference whatsoever is given to any specific holder. All wallets are treated in the same way, independent of balances, transaction volume or other parameters.


Yarloo Finance sources are open. All program codes and contracts are made available and can be inspected and tested by anybody. Due to single contract deployment any manipulation of the contract logic or maximum supply is impossible, no minting of additional coins. Staking rewards are fully transparent and predictable.


With Yarloo there aren’t any reward releasing events at the end of locking periods which could generate cyclical dumps. Except for market reasons selling Yarloo is never easier or more profitable at any specific point in time, creating a less volatility.


With Yarloo you stay independent because the tokens always stay liquid while earning rewards (no locking) and can be freely moved or invested into NFTs products.

These features are made possible by the unique Protocol Embedded Staking (PES), which implies the possibility of investing in highly profitable NFTs products with a predictable backing by conservative staking at the same time.

This platform is not limited to using just one token or making all transactions done by just the YARL Token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC-20) , it does more by making other crypto assets useful, for playing games, wagering and also for making deposits when possible. This simplifies the ecosystem and create a balance in the use of fund. Yarloo platform uses trusted smart contracts for sending out investors dividends and the payments of players who win any online betting. Complete transparency is achieved by doing that.

When you register as a player in, you will automatically be able to play new games about hundreds of them, decide what games to play and how to place your bets in the most convenient way with a perfectly transparent approach. There is no better place to be for any player than this Yarloo platform because apart from the games that are run by application, the platform also gives players another option of playing games that are built on the blockchain. Yarloo gives the opportunity for users to own NFT tables and utilize them as a playground for players to play our lottery board games, which are developed in Binance Smart Chain (BSC-20).

Conclusion is already positioning itself ahead of the gaming industry through the solution being provided by its blockchain integrated platform which merges both gaming and cryptocurrency together. It’s rare to get such an innovative platform made up of certified and experienced professionals as team members, hence it’s obvious that this platform will not fail in delivering efficiently hence making it become a top pioneer in the gaming industry and also among the top blockchain projects in existence. We can say that Yarloo brings various revolutionary pieces of technology together to create a new platform. While not all technologies are revolutionary, they make them user-friendly and easy-to-use. This will bring about a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency industry, Power by Binance Smart Chain (BSC-20).

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