In the second decade of its journey, blockchain has grown rapidly. Blockchain is no longer just about Bitcoin or Ethereum, today we have a wide choice of blockchain platforms to build decentralized applications like BSC, Polygon, Solana, and others. This can be interpreted as increasing interest in blockchain and we are getting closer to mass adoption, however, it poses another new challenge. To date, there are 12,000+ cryptos officially listed on CMC and thousands of other cryptos not yet listed. With the wide choice of blockchain platforms available, how many cryptos will there be in the future? Indeed this provides more opportunities to invest, but at the same time, investors will find it difficult to choose which crypto is the right one to invest in out of the thousands of cryptos available in the market.

To answer the challenge above, Euler Tools built a platform to explore data on the blockchain to find out everything that is happening on it. The name of Euler Tools comes from Leonhard Euler, a mathematician who discovered the most efficient way to travel in the city with seven bridges known as the Seven Bridges of Königsberg. With Euler Tools, everyone is expected to easily access various blockchains, see all the movements in them, and verify every source of information. In this way, users do not have to open 10+ different tools and data sources before trading or investing. Users can decide where, when and what cryptos to buy and sell efficiently in one platform, Euler Tools.

Euler Tools aggregates and integrates all the tools and data in one place. Euler Tools has a cluster of nodes for each network with observers on it that extract the data and process it. Euler Tools uses a combination of ETL technology, data pipelines, and machine learning to filter results and reveal relevant events in a simple interface. Euler Tools has successfully mapped BSC completely and ETH mapping is 85% complete. After ETH, Euler Tools will scale Solana, Polygon, Tron, and Hecochain. By using Euler Tools, users will enjoy some key features including:

Real-time price and data pool

What makes Euler Tools different from others is that Euler Tools not only reads APIs from multiple exchanges but combines all data from CEX and DEX into one stream. Users will be able to access transparent block explorers with enhanced capabilities and get real-time data and price feeds from over 100 exchanges equipped with real-time charts. From this feature, users can do many things such as filter and compare tokens by volume, address, holder, contract, or exchange, as well as create price alerts of any token or pair and event. Users will get a lot of benefits from this feature and can apply it to trading and investment activities such as arbitrage trading.

Token and project explorer

The second key feature of Euler Tools is token and project explorer where users will get instant notification of newly created tokens and information about token distribution, exchange, market cap, sentiment analysis, and other related information. Also, users can find out the impact of token swaps on liquidity, availability, profitability, gas fees, and more.

Wallet and portfolio system

Users can connect their wallets to Euler Tools and get additional portfolio information. By linking the wallet, users can view their assets, track yield farming, and extract a complete history of transactions and value changes. In addition, users can also track anyone's wallet and get notified of their activities. This can be useful for things like copy trading.

Real-time notifications

In the next deployment, users will be able to set alerts on metrics, tokens or pairs, and get notifications and alerts about rug pull or scam projects on Telegram, Discord, etc.

Basically, Euler Tools is the Google of blockchain. The 4 key features above are only to illustrate the main benefits of using Euler Tools, but actually, users can get more than that depending on how the user reads the data. This is not only useful for individual investors or traders, but large corporations will also benefit from using Euler Tools.

Users can enjoy many features of Euler Tools for free, but to enjoy premium features users need to stake Euler Tools tokens (EULER) starting from 4,000 EULER and pay a monthly fee in EULER.

Euler Tools token

EULER contract address:

EULER is a BEP-20 token of the Euler Tools platform which is used to gain access to premium features. In addition to access premium features, users who stake 40,000 EULER or more will proportionally get 30% of EULER from premium subscriptions. Also, each EULER transaction burns 1% to create steady price increases and reduce circulating supply.

Euler Tools roadmap

Euler Tools team

Latest update of Euler Tools

Euler Tools has been selected for the AWS Activate program to develop tools for the blockchain industry. This partnership will be of great benefit to Euler Tools as it offers a wide range of resources including funding, networking, technical support, and mentoring.

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Written by: nagauruk