Are you a creator looking for a reliable way to monetize your skills and content with fair payments? Then, you should read about HUMU. The creator economy has become very competitive lately.

The centralized platforms that mostly dominate this industry are not always fair in offering equal opportunities, timely payments, and freedom to creators. If you are in search of a better platform for creators to add value to their works, here’s why HUMU is your best bet.

What is HUMU Token?

HUMU Token is an ERC20 cryptocurrency developed for HUMU — a project created with the aim to bring value to creators and fans.

The primary mission of HUMU is to build an ecosystem that provides new opportunities for creators in fashion and other industries to fairly monetize their work and generate a revenue stream. For this, the team will develop and launch a creative industry NFT real-life game market platform, providing an opportunity for every creator to turn their real-life creative work into revenue streams with easy and fast payouts. 

For investors, there can be a number of reasons & benefits to buy or invest in HUMU Token. These include:

#1. Fair Payments with More Revenue for Creators

HUMU blockchain platform and marketplace will provide creators with unlimited opportunities to earn revenue from their work with FAIR payouts along with up to 20% more sales than traditional marketplaces.

#2. New Revenue Opportunities

Unlike other platforms that offer fixed and limited opportunities, HUMU will continue to evolve and keep offering cutting-edge opportunities for creators to grow and earn more using innovative tools.

#3. Business & Marketing Tools

Creators on the HUMU marketplace get access to a range of advanced business and marketing tools to effectively manage and provide their services as well as grow their businesses into lifetime income streams. Read Also: HUMU Opportunities & Solutions for Creators and Developers

#4. Promoting a Token-Based Economy

Through the use of a common and highly secure crypto token (HUMU token) for all processes and transactions on the platform, HUMU will empower a new kind of token-based economy with guaranteed fair payouts.

#5. Backed by Industry Leaders

One of the top reasons to invest in HUMU is that it is backed by advisors and developers who have years of experience in the crypto industry, blockchain, fashion, and app development. These are well-known people in their respective industries.

#6. An open Community for Creators

By investing in HUMU tokens, you get to become part of an open, developing, and innovative community of creators and fans who can connect and trade with each other for mutual benefits.

#7. Reselling of NFTs

The platform also allows reselling and purchase of second-hand digital content and NFTs. This will allow creators to keep monetizing their content even when it’s old.

#8. Referral Program

Earn HUMU coins by referring your friends and followers to join the marketplace and perform transactions. Join the HUMU referral program and increase your revenue.

#9. Earn FREE Humu Tokens

Want to earn more? HUMU offers unlimited opportunities to earn free tokens. Watch ads, participate in beta testing, and do more to earn more free HUMU tokens. Build up the value of your portfolio with HUMU.

#10. Join the Future of Creative Industries

HUMU is essentially the future of creators in fashion, gaming, and other industries. If you are a creator and looking for the best way to monetize your skills and grow value, join HUMU.

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