ICO, IEO, and IDO are avenues for investors to fund a blockchain project. Each triumphed in its own time and now IDO is the preferred method for funding blockchain projects. The first IDO took place in June 2019 on Binance DEX and since then IDO has been the leading avenue for funding to this day. Simply put, IDO is an improvement over the previous method which has advantages in terms of flexibility, liquidity, and transparency. However, despite its popularity, funding through IDO still leaves some problems for traditional investors such as lack of KYC, transparency, or UI/UX. That's why BullPerks was launched, to allow anyone from small to large capitals to easily participate in funding blockchain projects more securely and transparently.

BullPerks was first introduced in May this year with the aim of being the ultimate and fairest platform for its users to get access to private sale allocations of the most sought-after blockchain projects. BullPerks is built on BSC, however, BullPerks not only supports BSC projects but will also support projects from other chains such as ETH, DOT, SOL, ADA, MATIC, or others.

To date, BullPerks has successfully completed funding on 13 projects. Let's take a look at the ecosystem of BullPerks:

1. Launchpad or IDO

BullPerks users can invest in a project's late-stage funding round by participating in the IDO. One project that has completed an IDO on BullPerks is Flourishing Capital (AI), an AI-driven capital investment firm. AI's IDO was held on September 21 with a rate of 1 BUSD = 8.33 AI and after being listed, AI reached the highest value of 1 BUSD = 2.17 AI. That means that investors get more than x3 of their initial investment in less than one week.

2. Decentralized VC

BullPerks users can also participate in exclusive offers at an earlier stage than IDO via decentralized VC.

Out of 13 projects, 12 of them are decentralized VC-type funding. Here are examples of 2 projects where BullPerks users are part of a decentralized VC:

  • Polker (PKR): Polker, the first blockchain online poker game, was the first project launched on BullPerks. Held on June 21, all spots were successfully filled at a rate of 1 BUSD = 54 PKR. After being listed, PKR reached the highest value of 1 BUSD = 6 PKR and that means that the highest return that investors get is x9.
  • GemGuardian (GEMG): GEMG is an NFT-based card game that launched on BullPerks on September 9. At that time, BullPerks users had the opportunity to buy GEMG at a rate of 1 BUSD = 12.5 GEMG. After being listed, GEMG reached the highest value of 1 BUSD = 0.66 GEMG and that means that the highest return that investors get is more than x18 in less than 1 month.

*Data based on time of writing from BullPerks and Coingecko

3. Staking and farming

Apart from providing a platform for funding, BullPerks also provides services to DeFI for its users where users can stake and farm. For now, users can stake BLP in the staking pool to share 500K BLP or stake Cake-LP tokens in the farming pool to share 400K BLP.

From an investor's perspective, the success of an investment is seen from how good the returns are, and from above it has been proven that BullPerks is the perfect platform where investors can invest. BullPerks can achieve that because BullPerks will only partner with quality projects that are selected based on several criteria including team, field, competitor, tokenomics, and more.

One thing to note, BullPerks is here not only to satisfy investors but also to help projects to raise funds for their projects efficiently. BullPerks not only acts as a funding medium, but also assists projects with post-funding support such as advisory, marketing, business development, and possible partnerships with other projects.

Tier system

To be able to participate in an IDO or VC type of project funding, investors need to purchase BullPerks tokens (BLP) and lock or stake on the BullPerks platform. BLP token holders are divided into four tiers to allow investors from small to large capital to participate.

  • Bronze - at least 1000 BLP, can only participate in IDO.
  • Silver - 12.5k BLP, can participate in IDO and VC with a total allocation of 23.5% from 4 deals.
  • Gold - 100k BLP, can participate in IDO and VC with a total allocation of 32.5% from 4 deals.
  • Titanium - 200k BLP, can participate in IDO and VC with a total allocation of 43.75% from 4 deals.

*Tier and the token amount will be reviewed every 2 months. Tier will still be recognized when staking or farming.

BullPerks token (BLP)

BLP is a BEP-20 token that has a total supply of 300 million BLP. BLP is used as access to participate in VC and IDO deals, and staking and farming services. In addition, a 3% fee for investment, profits from the NFT store, and 10% of the company's investment profits will be used to buy back BLP.

BullPerks team

BullPerks is safe, audited by Hacken and no issues were found. Let's become a BULL together! For more information, please visit the BullPerks website and social media:




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Written by: nagauruk