The lottery is a real-world industry that is still far behind compared to other sectors in terms of implementing blockchain technology into its system. Although the lottery market is huge and is expected to grow by $220 billion by 2024 and also the use of blockchain will be significant, so far not many projects have succeeded in bringing lottery to the blockchain. The problem is that most of the crypto lottery games are lacking in quality and aspect of the game so users don't get enough satisfaction while playing. Besides that, awful RNG is another reason. From these problems that hinder the use of blockchain in the lottery industry, Yarloo will reinvent the lottery by creating a unique lottery platform that will provide users with a great experience that has never been experienced before.

Yarloo is a crypto lottery game that combines NFT, DeFi, and RST. What makes Yarloo unique is that instead of purchasing tickets like a traditional lottery, Yarloo uses an NFT card as an entry ticket that users must acquire to participate in pools created by Yarloo or other users. The lottery is similar to a trading card game, where users use up to 5 cards together to maximize their efficiency to generate as many tickets as possible to increase the chances of winning. Another interesting thing about Yarloo is that users can generate funds with a risk-free method. A user who doesn't want to risk funds in the lottery can create his own lottery pool for free for people to join and generate an income of 2% of the prizes in the pool he creates. The winning factor is based on RNG using Chainlink's VRF service and Yarloo will implement a full transparency system to ensure that nothing is tampered with or manipulated.

To accompany the user experience, the Yarloo lottery will be equipped with original soundtracks, mobile versions, and game themes depending on major events such as Christmas, etc, which also change the way cards are paired.

The lottery is the cornerstone of Yarloo's operations. But besides that, Yarloo also offers a variety of other products and services so that users don't get bored and continue to have fun while playing on Yarloo. Other products and services from Yarloo are:

Wheel of fortune

Users have the chance to win new NFTs, Yarloo tokens, and much more by spinning the wheel of fortune. Spinning the wheel will be free for the first spin and the next spins will be charged $50 in Yarloo tokens.

Yarloo wallet

Yarloo wallet is a DeFi service wallet where users can store and stake Yarloo tokens to earn more Yarloo tokens.

NFT ship creator

Yarloo will release many variations of the NFT ship in 2D and 3D with an accompanying shanty for each. Users can customize and create their own collection of NFT ships using rare materials that are only obtained by staking, holding, or participating in certain events.


Yarloo will launch its own NFT marketplace, NFTShore, to directly include the latest NFT packages in it without having to rely on other markets. NFTShore will launch in Q1 2022 as a cross-chain NFT marketplace on ETH and BSC with fees as low as 1.5%.

Yarloo battleship

Yarloo's second major product is a pure P2E game to be released in 2022. Users will be able to build their own ships with customized cannons, weight, cargo, all of which play a key role. Stay tuned for more information.

Yarloo is built with prioritizing user experience while playing in mind. But that's not all, Yarloo will also give back as much as Yarloo can to the community. Yarloo implements a special smart contract, called the Revenue Sharing Token (RST), which distributes 30% of net profit across the Yarloo ecosystem to the community. The RST technology will be open to other projects that wish to integrate RST into their ecosystem. In addition, other projects can also feature their own pools on Yarloo, allowing their community to participate in pools created by their favorite crypto projects. Also, Yarloo will launch Forge of Glory, an incubator for developing top-quality crypto games. Forge of Glory is made up of AAA-level game developers and will provide all the tools, strategies, and development needed by p2e game projects. ---

Yarloo token

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Written by: nagauruk