Shark of Wall Street is a game known almost around the world in different ways. It can be played on streets, the pitch etc. Just any empty space can serve as a pitch for local football enthusiasts. It is a popular game familiar to a large population of the world with so many players and fans. After the world modernized, football can be experienced almost anywhere and in any way, such as radio, TVs, websites, social media etc. This way Shark of Wall Street enthusiasts can have first class information and updates on their favorite teams and players especially people who cannot afford to be there at the time and place of the match. As popular as football is, no app carries information based only on football. Social medias that claim to carry information take all the profits gotten from advertising these Shark of Wall Street activities, and at the end of the day, they don't give the creators of such their due pay and appreciation.

Thousands of Game players erroneously believe that they can make money from Shark of Wall Street just by betting on a match, and is a Passive income NFTs.

That isn’t the case, especially now that the cryptocurrency industry is booming. In this crypto economy, you can make money from virtually anything in the real-world, from the financial industry to the Shark of Wall Street market.

This article opens your eyes to more opportunities than you imagined they exist in the Shark of Wall Street market.

Shark of Wall Street (TSWS Coin) is a cryptocurrency Assets that will storm the world in the year 2021, lunched based on Binance Smart Chain NFT Game that is growing in popularity day by day, with the aim to be used by entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups for utility purposes.

What is TSWS?

Shark of Wall Street (TSWS Coin) was created to serve the world’s largest community – NFTs games. Over 100,000 people around the world have enthusiastically supported TSWS by buying and using it. TSWS Coin has strong utility, limited supply and powerful pillars of value supporting it.

Possibilities are endless in the Metaverse where we are ready to be integrated. We offer Staking Rewards if you park this NFTs in our VAULT Use the tokens to buy our NFTs and the ACCELERATOR BOOSTERS to improve your gains in the GAME, like Indicators, Trading Signals, Arbitrage tips, Option contracts trading.

Shark of Wall Street platform is made up of highly intelligent, motivated and experienced professionals in all areas of financial activities. The average type of customer ranges from individual, entrepreneurs, business owners, start ups, banks and financial corporation’s willing to invest their funds in a time like this. Shark of Wall Street project is a global Platform, created with the objective of providing members of the ecosystem with the most secure, safest and reliable investment plan with the TSWS Token. Users can always make huge and massive profits with a low risk.

Shark of Wall Street Project (TSWS Coin) decentralized system is a global marketplace for all cryptocurrency assets. it is building a robust and fully compliant platform that offers a broad range of peer-to-peer cryptocurrency-specialized solution. These include a high-frequency trading platform capable of real-time spot trading and margin trading and over the counter trading.

Passive Income NFTs:

Our main goal is to enable users to benefit as much as possible from the new investment opportunities created by decentralized finance with the least amount of constraints possible. Therefore, users combine multiple passive income NFTs streams while maintaining full flexibility of token use. The betting mechanism built into the Shark of Wall Street protocol works without requiring any user action. Users do not need to lock their tokens and do not need to claim their rewards as the staking process is fully automated.

Buy NFTs:

Buy TSWS Coin to start playing our game, securely, basing on smart contract & block chain.

Shark of Wall Street Mobile App A mobile app with metaverse connectivity. We will create your HERO AVATAR or your own HERO HOLOGRAM to play on as a wealthy playboy on Wall Street.

Token Sale Term

Token Sale Term Name: The Shark of Wall Street

Fixed Limit: 100,000,000 USD

Exchange: 1 TSWS = 0.007 BUSD

Currency: BUSD/USDT Min

Purchase: 100 USDT

Starts: October 18th (9:00 AM)

Ends: October 28th (11:59 PM) TSWS

Smart Contract: 0x0ee3f6d467d85c39d17dda602f4147bc202e3e30


Shark of Wall Street (TSWS Coin) is an new investment company which starts operations by creating and issuing TSWS token. Shark of Wall Street project is created and based on the Binance Smart Chain Network. A token is a digital currency designed to represent the digital balance in a certain asset in the digital world. Tokens are needed to make activities in Platforms possible and easily done. Token management is always implemented via a smart contract, which does the function of recording the value of assets and data of token holders, and also enable the transfer of tokens from one account to another. Shark of Wall Street - included the TSWS Token to the crypto (IEO) exchange start 18, October 2021 for investors to start investing, trade and manage their assets for future investment return.

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