INTRODUCTION: Asset liquidation has been used as an indispensable financial tool in capitalist society throughout the ages. Purchasing an asset to be valued and using its leverage has led to a further increase in purchasing power, and has generated a myriad of derivatives for it. In modern society, mortgage loans through real estate and vehicles have become the simplest and most efficient means of liquidation used by anyone, while the advent of blockchains and bitcoins has changed the game of consumer finance, and a new form of finance called Defi has emerged. The blockchain token market, which started with decentralization in the conventional centralized market, has made huge progress and still continues to grow. However in the COVID-19 era, the liquidity of individual consumers is bottoming out. The reality is that even if they want to get a loan, they do not have any assets or are craving for new finance due to loans that have already occurred. It plans is to realize the sharing of profits between operators and users and economic of scale through its own bond securitization and staking Defi through Blockchain NFT.

Consumption power and holding rate of luxury assets:

Contrary to the economic situation of households, the polarization and concentration of the luxury market is ever increasing. In other words, it means the 'luxury' is further strengthening its power, in the consumption of both households that are generally struggling and consumers who can afford it. As mentioned above, the ever-growing demand for new luxury goods and the transaction of used ones in Korea and around the world already form a huge market, which means that consumers who need immediate liquidity have potential financial assets (luxury goods). The fact that one person, regardless of age or gender, has an average of 7 or more luxury goods, is a good indicator of the potential value of this market. In addition to the existing leading market operators such as Koibito and Googus in Korea, there are countless small businesses. But in reality, the financial method using luxury assets is not recognized by general consumers. Besides simple transactions of luxury goods, loans secured by these goods and the creation of bond-based revenue using Blockchain NFT can provide consumers with the most fresh and necessary function at the same time.

The table of data below shows the statistic but is base on Korea.


Financial value of ‘Luxury Assets’: Luxury assets are not just luxury goods to own and enjoy. They can be recognized as clear 'assets' and can be liquidated through institutions at any time, just like real estate, vehicles, or ships. As an example, the other assets except for luxury ones which have a scarcity value that increases day by day are subject to depreciation over time, making purchases 20-30% lowers than the industry’s average secondhand sales price. In fact, in order to be recognized for this value, it is evident that the entity that evaluates the asset must have the management tools to guarantee the valuation and prove its value. Moreover, the fact that luxury assets that are dormant without use amount to tens of trillion Won is very unfortunate from the perspective of our value, which we think can express there value. From our point of view, consumers can liquidate a significant portion of their purchases, realizing the formation of a planned and one-step ahead financial pattern.


ENTC Digital ECO Dapp:

In the ENTC ecosystem, primary and secondary revenues are inevitably generated from BM. This form of revenue is legal currency (user choice) or ENTC. All but offline elements will be automatically settled based on smart contracts. A significant portion of ENTERBUTTON's revenue and reward mainly arises from bond transactions through ENTC Block NFT, which has a cycle as follows. The types of ENTC used in this transaction include the underlying NFT tokens and Utility tokens paid in reward. We will cancel a large number of tokens generated by bond-based secondary BM in the utility part, which is liquid and accounts for the largest percentage of them.


ENTC Token:

Smart contracts are digital contracts in which a code is automatically generated when certain conditions are met, and contract terms cannot be changed once the smart contract is distributed. All ENTC tokens provided by ENTERBUTTON are distributed through smart contracts. In smart contracts, all data is permanently recorded on the blockchain, making all transactions on the PAYBUTTON platform safe and transparent. Blockchain is a technology based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). It is a decentralized system in which the ledger is distributed across millions of computer networks, being recorded in each network. Furthermore, the node cannot be arbitrarily erased or changed by users, and information on the blockchain is encrypted and protected from third parties


Finally, ENTC users can liquidate their dormant luxury assets through the platform or acquire desired luxury assets by participating in event auctions. In addition, users can acquire Defi Rewards to achieve planned financial portfolio allocation by owning bond-based ENTC NFTs.




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