General Introduction

Blockchain technology is changing how we operate businesses nowadays unlike in the olden days. The inception of Blockchain technology has changed business as usual and almost all sectors globally are integrating the technology to boost their operational efficiency . Blockchain technology adoption in the global industries has boosted versatility , security and ease of transaction in businesses since Cryptocurrencies has enabled easier and encrypted financial transactions globally . What makes Cryptocurrency stands out is it decentralized nature which gives owner complete control over their funds and ability to conduct Peer to Peer financial cross boarder financial transactions, hence removing any elements of centralization that could creates friction in the system of transactions. In this publication, i will be discussing about TVG Coin , one of the world best Charitable cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology .

About TVG Network

TVG is primarily a charitable coin that can serve different purposes . It allows cross boarder financial transaction ., users can use $TVG to exchange for goods and services . As a charity based coin it can be used to support charity organization , helping the less privilege's in the global society and improving their livelihood. .$TVG coin is multipurpose , it serves different purposes. It can be used in supporting humanitarian and used for exchange of goods and services, debt clearing and may more. $TVG is powered on Tron network (TRC20) blockchain network which is one among the world most secured, flexible and efficient blockchain in the world. Holders of $TVG coin can stake their coins to earn additional income on the platform . Traders can either chose to stake or trade. Apart from being a coin that supports humanitarian service, it can also be used for investment purposes.

TVG Ecosystem Explained

$TVG Coin aims to be one of the most effective global payment instruments , a solid medium of payment and transfer of values . The decentralized structure of the cryptocurrency make it the best currency that is not limited to central authorities restriction . As a blockchain based cryptocurrency , $TVG can be used to transact globally. It can be used as a trading instruments as well. Users can trade $TVG Coin in exchanges for profits. $TVG can also be used as store of value . Users can store their TVG coin and expect high increments in the value of coin . The project have best team that sees to the development and sustainability of the project. Holders of $TVG coin can stake their coins to earn additional income on the platform . Traders can either chose to stake or trade.


(i) Name : TVG Crypto

(ii) Symbol : TVG

(iii) Total Supply : 1 trillion

(iv) Blockchain network : Tron (TRC20)

(v) Coin Name : TVG , Social Coin


$TVG Coin is a game changing blockchain powered cryptocurrency . It is a payment system that is globally accepted for trades. The Coin can be invested , staked for profit. It can be used to exchange goods and services and can as well be used to support humanitarian services. This is a game changing innovation . $TVG is based on tron blockchain which offers high level of scalability . Transaction speed is very impressive and the cost of transaction is very cheap . This is a project that worth's attention . Be part of this revolution .tvg #tvgcoin #tvgthesocialcoin #thesocialcoin

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