Many people must have heard of digital nomads. But, crypto nomads is a relatively new term. While digital nomads refer to people who use technology to work when traveling, crypto nomads travel and work for crypto/blockchain companies. Anyone who has invested in and works for cryptocurrencies and loves to travel can have the honor to be called a crypto nomad.

If you are wondering what it’s like to live decentralized as a crypto nomad, here’s all you need to know about it.

Who are digital (crypto) nomads?

Digital nomads and crypto nomads are basically the same things, except for the technology they use. Digital nomads use conventional technology tools to make their travel-work life convenient and simple. They book tickets online, book cabs on the go, attend events while traveling, and so on.

Crypto nomads use the most advanced technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence to go one step ahead and make their travel-work life both convenient and affordable. They use special hacks and platforms to book the cheapest travel tickets. Most importantly, they use the most advanced and secure payment method - cryptocurrencies - to pay securely anywhere in the world and get attractive discounts (with zero-commission in some cases). Moreover, crypto nomads have a vast digital network of blockchain friends who are ready to assist them as and when needed.

What is it like to be a crypto nomad?

It’s a feeling you cannot define in words. Imagine living the best life you’ve ever dreamt of, traveling to places you always wanted to go, without a single worry to hold you back and with a lot of digital assets in your wallet and a vast network of friends with whom you can connect with and seek help from at any time. On top of that, as a crypto nomad, you get access to many things exclusive to the crypto community, including special offers and travel discounts from projects like Orfeus Network.

As of 2022, there are thousands of crypto nomads around the world, exploring all corners of the earth and living their dream lives. They work remotely, at their own pace, and earn more than an average person working from an office.

How to live a decentralized life as a crypto nomad with Orfeus Network

Ready to forget all your worries and live the best life ever as a crypto nomad? As a crypto nomad, you’ll get to go on adventurous journeys around the world, solo or with a group of like-minded tourists.

For your convenience, Orfeus Network has developed a suite of high-end tourist products and platforms based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. These include TripXv and ClubXchain, dedicated platforms through which you can book cheap flights to anywhere in Europe and plan a personalized trip for your next work-fun travel at zero commission.

The Orfeus Network and all its platforms are based on the concept of zero commission travel and accept cryptocurrencies for convenient and secure online payments. In addition, the network will connect multiple travel service providers to offer all types of travel-related services and products in one place with the flexibility to pay in cryptocurrencies.

All platforms and services within the Orfeus Network are fueled by the native ORF token.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey as a crypto digital nomad. Join Orfeus Network today.