Colu, a technology company recognized for developing a protocol to create digital assets in bitcoin's blockchain, has recently announced that it is very close to issuing digital coins for two UK communities.

Colu intends to add to its projects the creation of the Camden Pound and the Liverpool Pound. The company has already issued digital coins for the Jaffa and Florentin regions in Israel, the bitreal in Brazil, and the Barbadian digital dollar, a project involving the country's central bank. The efforts of Colu could mean that the company aims to become a P2P infrastructure in the face of the great growth that is evidencing the digital economy globally.

The Colu platform is designed in such a way that users can get in the control panel tools that encourage the creation of a digital economy in localities. In addition, the system has tools designed so that small businesses can manage transactions, expand their offerings, increase the chances of being discovered, and distribute local currencies. The platform also has a mobile portfolio application in which different types of digital assets can be sent and received.

An important fact is that Colu has been experimenting with the Lightning Network that bitcoin is offering its users to increase the speed and volume of transactions. The company has been months in testnet to play and experiment with the technology while collaborating with Lightning Labs and intends to use Bitcoin Lightning Network to conduct transactions outside the blockchain.

Colu has shown great interest in further developing its technology to provide all its users with new blockchain-based services. In October of last year Colu announced the strategic alliance with Deloitte to create new blockchain applications covering new markets.

The initiative to bring fiduciary coins to the digital format based on blockchain technology is one of the most interesting bets today, mainly because it reflects the interest of governments and banking institutions in proving the advantages of the technology of the cryptocoins.