Stratis Blockchain Hackathon to kick off on December 15

.   Info: Stratis

  Stratis,  a UK-based blockchain development platform, has announced the details of its first major event of 2017   Stratis Blockchain Hackathon dedicated to its developer community.

   The hackathon is an online, global event open to C#/.net and blockchain developers with no entry requirements other than basic technical expertise. The event will officially kick off on December 15 with the opening of online registration to participants. Participants can make submissions between Jan 15 -26, 2017.

~> This event is part of the Stratis Academy initiative aimed at showcasing the nStratis Development Framework capabilities with the help of talented developers from all over the world. We will be actively promoting it with an ad campaign and outreach efforts to the C# and .net developer communities,  Stratis said.

     Stratis recently released   nStratis Development Framework  (SDF), which enables blockchain development in C# and .NET. It said that it is looking for implementations of applications on the SDF in areas such as health records, identity/personal records, credit files, provenance, time stamping/Notarization, asset/property registration and education records.   

~>    Preference will be given to entries that provide  polished, workable interface and to those entries that provide documentation, demonstrative videos or any additional aid to help judge the quality of the work, the announcement reads. Projects have to be in the English language and make use of the nStratis Developer Framework. Projects will be made available to the public as Open Source projects with licenses granting right to use, distribute, etc.

   The winner of the competition, to be announced on 30 January 2017 after the closing of the London Blockchain week  will receive cash prize and recognition on the Stratis Academy website and Stratis company PR. Other incentives for participants will also be announced soon.

    In addition, Stratis announced  Stratis Silver Coin competition  and is inviting design submissions for the new Stratis Silver Coin. The winning design will be put into production to create actual physical Stratis coins. The last date to submit the design is 28 December 2016