Yops ... all his friends, today ane brought some fundamental update that is happening within the scope Factom. Do not feel it's almost less than 2 months of not updating on Factom since September 2016 yesterday. Aha !!! So ... without further ado we just get starto ...

            First of all, finally Factom has released Federated Testnetnya them on November 7, 2016. Testnet this will be a bright spot pengrilisan Phase Milestone 2 who have been eagerly waiting for more than one year. Here the team Factom invite the public to come try kemapamannya testnet even though they themselves have tested a few months earlier. Factom Federation (FF) will add several new features, among others are distributed servers, peer to peer network, a larger throughput, Graphic Panel Contral other confirmations and more. Going forward, factoid that run on blockchainnya Factom Genesis will be connected so that it can also run on software Factom this Federation. So far we can not know how long this phase will last testnet pengujicobaan, however, as time passed, this time we have entered the third week ^ _ ^ v


                Beyond which no less horrendous is the Bills and Melinda Gates Foundation provides grants (reward) to Factom to secure medical records (medical records), and it was announced on November 18, 2016. Medical records is history important documentation held by the clinic / hospital information which it contains important information patients. By utilizing blockchain technology, all of these medical records can be secured into blockchain and later can be accessed anytime and anywhere by those authorities as a biometric verification system

                If Factom perform that task well in this opportunity, then do not be surprised if there will be more forthcoming medical insitusi2 Factom for invites to cooperate.

                After that ... Platform provider of Internet of Things "Smartrac NV" will be attending the event Trustech in Cannes on 29 November 2016 - December 1, 2016, and here Factom will present to demonstrate to them how the integration of the physical document verification and validity solutions, called DLoc. Factom stated that DLoc will be the first document the validity of the system that connects the physical world and the digital world through blockchain Factom. Again ... this will be a great fundamental in order to create Factom adoption of the technology, if everything goes according to what they expect.

            Yops ... after the end of Series A seed funding (October 2016), Factom introducing three premium products are: Apollo, Iris and Hera. Not many who want ane inform third relates to these three products because all the details have been described in the official website Factom.

            Yops ... personally (personal) I expect more good things about Factom for several weeks in the future. And ... I think so wrote the first article on this day, I hope useful ^ _ ^ v