Explanation: This is mining tutorial using Equihash algorithms and connect to nicehash pool. But paid for by using BTC. not paid by ZEC.

Only for Windows 64 bit- CPU mining


1. Turn off the antivirus, so miner software not blocked. Many antivirus false detect this software.

2. download software Equihash miner here:


UPDATE .. they are release the latest version v0.4a and v0.4b

2. Download and extract. Do not forget to make an exception (exclude folders) in the antivirus settings, so miner does not deleted by anti-virus

4. open Notepad application. then copy and paste the following parameters

nheqminer.exe equihash.hk.nicehash.com:3357 -l -u (BTC your wallet address). (name of worker) -t (number of CPU cores to be used for mining)

EXAMPLE parameter

nheqminer.exe equihash.hk.nicehash.com:3357 -u -l -t 16BtJ1W81U98gXVTQN1DrghnWndRCxWRu7.worker1 4

-l equihash.hk.nicehash.com:3357 is Nicehash server location in hk (hongkong)

My BTC address wallet 16BtJ1W81U98gXVTQN1DrghnWndRCxWRu7

free to name any worker name, default is worker1

-t 4 means 4 CPU cores are used for mining

The new script that only runs on version 4a or 4b

nheqminer.exe equihash.hk.nicehash.com:3357 -l -u (BTC wallet). (name of free worker) -t (number of cores)

the old script to version 3a or 3b

nheqminer.exe -t (number of cores) -o stratum + tcp: //equihash.hk.nicehash.com: 3357 -u (wallet BTC) -p x

CRITICAL BUG in version 3a and 3b, the servers are always redirected to the EU, although the script to hk .. and version 3 is very unstable, often reporting zero (0) sol .. so, UPGRADE immediately to version 4

The script should be in one line (inline) on Notepad, there should not be a paragraph break

5. save as - run.bat (save as type - select "all files")

make sure the save location is in the same folder with the rest of miner software (nheqminer.exe)

6. Double-click run.bat to run. will open a command prompt window.

In version v0.4a / b sometimes exist error message "can not start Because opencl.dll missing .. blablabla" copy file folder opencl.dll from v3 to v4

to check the status of a miner and your earnings:

1. open nicehash.com

2. to menu "miner / seller"

3. "my miner"

4. fill BTC address with the one you are using for miner

5. check "Enable auto update"

Happy Mining!

My BTC wallet