Such that we already know that the transition to archive documentation (birth certificate, certificate of house dllnya) from the traditional way in the form of paper to digital kaedah is something that shall be applied. The reason is that berfisikan paper documentation passable vulnerable to counterfeiting and manipulation of the parties tertentu.Perpaduan blockchain based technologies which are presented by Factom and Smartrac, creating a new innovation which is called Dloc. He is an identification solution that berteknologikan radio frekuensikan who called Near Field Communication (NFC), where he will make sure that kesuluruhan document data along with the data can not be altered or falsified by anybody.
        Smartrac Dloc will later be encrypts data, the data contained in sesebuah document, which can only be opened and read by the authorities who only uses hashing-value technology. This system diekspektasikan will be available for commercialization in the next month. Currently the Bank, property rights, hospitals and other businesses are in the stage of the discussion with Factom and Smartrac to use this technology to archive the unique ID number associated with the documentation, along with the record of history as an example: who the previous owner of this vehicle. This technology solutions designed specifically to target:

Banks and mortgage sector in which all the important data is recorded into the paper document.
Medical sector such as vaccination certificate, x-ray and other personal medical record.
3.Land sector such as land certificates, house ownership rights dllnya
The transport sector as proof of ownership of the car, the driver's license dllnya
5.Government sector as civic identity, passport, dllnya

            DeYoung Mitch who is the Vice President, Product Management and Transaction Secure ID Business Division in the company Smartrac explained that what is important is that when we talk about the securities sesebuah document authentication. And so far only Factom the only technology that can enable software blockchain permanent archival record, can not be edited, copied or destroyed. Moreover ... the feedback from Trustech events in Cannes and Singapore last month brought quite positive impressions. For future planning, DeYoung said that currently they are conducting training on the part salesnya before dLoc began to be commercialized in January 2017.