ops ... today at the date of December 28, 2016, I will be teamed update information about cryptocurrency Factom. Factom has released specifications of the next software version, where it will be released in the nearest future this. Nothing feels Factom which has operated for more than one year, increasingly gained the confidence of several parties, in particular organizations - large organizations who want the data mengsekuritaskan their data. And here it is time Factom will evolve to the next stage where the latest software release, he will again upgrade our technology, thereby reaching a more widespread use case again. Below are a few upgrades protocols and specifications:

  • 8 Federated Server - Increases resistance to censorship and global distribution.
  • 8 Auditing Server - Eight new auditing server that will support the network.
  • Confirmation In Only A Few Seconds (not minutes) - Speed 600x folding
  • Supports More Transactions Per Second - 5x better than the previous one.
  • Merkle Proofs That Are More Easily Accessible - Proof of Existence will be simplified by utilizing the API factomd.
  • Distribution of Peer to Peer Network - Preventing DOS attacks.
  • Nodes Create Graphic Control Panel - Enables users to monitor the activity in network Factom.
  • Wallet support BIP 44 - Factoids now can be integrated on a variation of an existing wallet.
  • Supports Various Blockchain - Network Bitcoin and Ethereum.