The anonymous system enables Nav Coin to offer one of its core values, Privacy. Privacy is a fundamental right for everyone, whether it is for everyday use, grocery shopping, or sharing opposing views, for example journalists and whistle blower. By offering an anonymous transaction service Nav Coin aims to realize financial privacy for everyone.

Nav Coin can also be send by using normal transactions. Those transactions are processed near real-time and transaction costs are very low. Due to Blocksize and Blocktime Nav Coin is able to process many transactions simultaneously.

Nav Coin aims to be user friendly. By providing wallets for multiple platforms it should be easy for everyone to make use of Nav Coin. Currently wallets are available on Android, Windows, Linux and OSX. A wallet for iOS is being developed. The anonymous transaction capability is not yet available for all platforms, future development will make this possible.

Running a full node wallet gives you the benefit of the Proof of Stake (PoS) System. Staking coins will earn a reward of 5% annually. PoS provides consensus and prevents double spend. The amount of NAV the user is staking determines the reward, holding 1% of the total NAV being staked enables the user to mine 1% of the Proof of Stake blocks. The PoS system gives an ongoing incentive miners while Proof of Work (PoW) mining incentive declines when block difficulty increases. Users are not dependent on their mining power but on the amount of coins they are staking. Attacks on PoS coins are very unlikely since the attacker needs to own the majority of coins and the value of the coin will suffer greatly from the attack.

Nav Coin is easy to use and works without any problems for me. I have made multiple transactions and gained NAV by staking my coins. I am a big fan of PoS.
+ PROS: Fast Anonymous Privacy Dedicated development team Easy to use Proof of Stake Fast development Multi Platform X13 Electrum wallet
- CONS: Few places where Nav Coin can be used Wallet for iOS not ready yet