Stratis as the latest project from a business perspective we are very pleased to have been tested and validated in the real world of our assumptions about the project Stratis. We had the opportunity of pitching the project to the business people who are very sophisticated and talented developers, and the response has been quite remarkable.

        We received visitors from several countries in the world: the United States, Europe, Asia. It was amazing to show Stratis for the first time to the people of Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey ...

        We have established between 20-30 CEOs and C-level new contacts from companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small startups. We had a very interesting exchange with representatives of Microsoft, Jaguar, Reuters, Cashaa, AIA Group, RBC Capital Markets, Deutsche Bank.

        Similarly, we also have the opportunity to meet with dozens of senior developer and consultant. We got a deeper understanding of how to better and more quickly integrate our services into Microsoft blockchain victims. We are working on aspects of technology for deeper integration.

        Following up, the action moves to the United States Stratis. We hope to have a very productive meeting between senior management Stratis and key local players, which will help us lay the foundation for our expansion into the American market. Our agenda also includes key definitions for Stratis business models, technology development roadmap and corporate organizations.

        We are finalizing preparations for our participation in C # Corner Conference 2017 in India. We have confirmed as Platinum Sponsor of the event and will have several opportunities for the developer community to show Stratis C # world: A keynote presentation by our CEO, session by Dan Gershony and workshops on the night of the event. We expect this event to set the stage for our commercial expansion in Asia, with local partnerships and hopefully a strong developer base in the region.

        We would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all collaborators and team members who have helped us with the organization and preparation of the first steps for Stratis. Support from the community has been phenomenal through this day and motivates us to do more, faster, and better.

Okay, I think this is a future opportunity for us all, nanikan my latest information.