YoCoin Launches Insurance Decentralized platform Based Blockchain, he is the creator behind peer-to-peer digital currency YoCoin has announced the launch YoCoin Insurance, decentralization blockchain based insurance platform. Platform YoCoin Insurance cryptocurrency blockchain exploit various features including storage of financial transactions, forecasting, smart contracts, etc. to offer an insurance policy based on a contract-innovative smart.

How it works

        YoCoin Insurance Platform can be used to issue insurance policies and bonds. It allows policyholders and bond investors to share the investment risks involved.


        Once the investor has selected the desired bond from the list of categories of investment and a packet, it will make payments using YoCoin to accept bonds selected. These bonds can then be traded in the secondary market or the beginning.

        YoCoin Insurance Platform will be launched in the coming days. More information about Insurance YoCoin YoCoin and platforms available in http://www.yocoin.org.

About YoCoin

YoCoin (Symbol: YOC) is built in the capital cryptocurrency Ethereum blockchain by YoCoin Limited, a UAE based company. It has a total supply of 200 million units. YoCoin support contracts intelligent, decentralized autonomous organization, decentralized applications, multi-signature transactions.

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