Dicewallet has started its goal to change the cryptoworl through innovation Lead by CEO Japanese Takuya Hashiyada. 

Dicewallet.com become live since February 2016. It has gained more and more users due to numerous advantages from others. 

Dicewallet is open to all users of bitcoin. 

*Litecoin users

*Dogecoin users

*XRP users

*Startcoin Users

We may download the said app at Google Store for free. This new mobile crypto coin online wallet is an all-in one convenient and efficient wallet service that supports most of the crypto currencies. Currently, the site can be viewed in English, Japanese, and Chinese languages.
They are currently sponsoring an online event for more than 200 countries, called “Gift de Dice”.

Dicewallet.com benefits

*sends btc, ltc, and dogecoin to any digital coin address.

*ability to send cryptos to email addresses for people without Bitcoin or digital currency wallets.

 *can also view all the digital currency assets in one single comprehensive listing and with User Account Verification. 

To know more about the new mobile cryptocoin wallet. Just visit at www.dicewallet.com