Today I will share briefly and simply relate to the results of the Founder Ethereum Meeting on March 17, 2017 dated yesterday. The meeting recording video call can see in Here I will do my best to explain some key points

Before I start ... I want to explain to some of friends - friends who might not know that, EIP is an abbreviation of Ethereum Improvement Proposals .. This EIP describe any standard specification Ethereum platform, whether it is something that the proposal has been finalized or that still under consideration.

First of all, EIP Signaling / Voting system created by a few people from the group Ethereum, Metamask, Carbonvote, Boardroom and several other volunteers reportedly went smoothly. Dealing with issues relating to the EIP 225 PoA and Rinkeby Testnet protocol anyway, would be a solution to the dev implement multiple clients and systems syncing when pengujicobaan dapps block them. Onwards, who is an expert Yoichi smartcontract analysis says that the update ternampak metropolis nice yellow paper, but changes to the Spurious Dragon yesterday that has been reset is still in unclear circumstances. Yoichi visited Gavin's office and the two of them will continue to meet to resolve the issue.

Further associated with the update Metropolis anyway ... there is little debate on the specifics related to implementasian EIP between Vitalik with Christian as well as some other dev. Associated with this, they will continue to membincangkannya at the next meeting. Pengrilisan focus back to Metropolis .. Vitalik said that the increasing price Ether has affected blocktime adjusted by difficulty bomb. Vitalik perform quick calculations and said that by the end of June, blocktime Ethereum will increase to 19.5detik, while the end of August will be 28.5 seconds.

Here Vitalik recommends that if the can before the end of June, Metropolis should be released to delay bombtime ... or at the latest at the end of August. Vitalik rather suggest that they are trying as best as possible so that at the end of June Metropolis released .. but if not then the date was harsh mandatory at the end of August. Due to the increasing price of Ether's mouth then, Vitalik found difficulty rate must be always above 200. For Vitalik energize his team prepare Metropolis before the end of June.