Up to this day, busy people who want to bring cryptocurrency to diadoptasikan en masse. However, it is not an easy task. This arises because existing projects are not currently identify and seek solutions to the peak of the main issues, namely:

  • Securities - save asset is a matter which is quite inconvenient for sesetengah people. They would rather choose to believe to a third party, such as for example: as a storage platform assetnya exchangers. This is a big problem because it carries the risk of theft / scam that has often occurred.
  • Usability - bejibun procedure to be followed before the real world can accept the use of digital assets. The user is required through the procedure KYC (Know Your Customer) before you can make deposits and withdrawals.
  • Freedom Asset - when we ordered the layman to use crypto volatile assets such as Bitcoin, they always said no. Here the people should not only be limited to one form of currency alone, but access all the existing economic assets, of which berspekulatif like ETH until the commodity backed by real assets (gold) as DGX.

Token Platform (Monolith) plans to provide solutions to all the issues mentioned above and positioned itself to provide facilities to pengadoptasian assets running in the ecosystem Ethereum.

To mengadapi problems that mentioned above, there are three components in this project, namely Contract Wallet, Tokencard and Token App. Contract wallet is a smart contract that is controlled by your wallet completely. While Token Card is a Visa debit card that can be customized access which be set by the owner to withdraw funds or used to make payments. Mentioned payment is implemented through ERC20Token that brings bahwanya mean you can spend ETH, REP, DGX for a cup of coffee. Well ... with the presence Token App, then this is the second time combines two components in an application of advanced technologies.

Examples on the side of a user: Someone named Budi TokenCard owners want to pay for a glass of beer valuable 20ribu rupiah. Si Budi has been first set up the contract walletnya bahwanya he only allowed to spend 1% of their assets per day. Apart from that, he also has to enable multi asset that justifies the payment he paid using assets other assets that he wanted, like for example: ETH and DGX. Furthermore Budi stay rubbed his cards into the system API VISA Network to confirm the transaction. Then we will evaluate the order book price between the two ETH and DGX second on an exchanger and carrying out orders withdrawal. If he is successful, the transaction will take place and a notification will appear on the mobile phonenya. Recently, Bob can look back at Token appnya transaction details.

Examples in the securities: A man named Ahmad was worried if he was targeted by hackers who want to steal money funds. Ahmad has many Ether and very active in the investment ICO ICO so he wants that all the assets that he owned was always safe. Well ... here through Token Apps, Ahmad setting up a variety of securities that utilize smart technology contract to protect assets - its assets. First of all, he's set up so that only he himself is allowed to access the funds. Both ... because of concerns if its private key is missing, then Ahmad justify us mengahlikan wallet funds to the specific contract reserve, where he just controlled by himself when the case of an emergency. Recently, Ahmad will be setting up the withdrawal limit per day so if there happened theft of funds, then he will know immediately and alienate the wallet into emergency funds mentioned above. Well ... now Ahmad has been able to quietly sleep soundly. Interesting is not it?