Today I wish to share any information about the current WINGS. First of all, for the supporters who participated in the campaign donate campaign backing WINGS, of course, already got an email a few days ago bahwanya WINGS invites the community to enliven the collecting of data forecasting (predictions). Quite interesting also because more than 100+ more people participate in this forecasting activity.

Apart from that, the team WINGS continue to work relentlessly to bring functional best platform where the innovators, investors and predictors can work together to build the business and technology of the future. A series changelog and UI changes and bug fixes you can read for yourself the following link "WINGS Forecast Begins Testing & Dev Change Log".

Next, Wings also announced they will attend "TechDay" in Los Angeles on September 14, 2017, where he is a largest startup event. Techday provide an opportunity for visitors to witness a variety of advanced technology in action. Filled with press media and investors, he would show debut startups presented their innovative products on stage.

So on ... on March 29, 2017, Wings will give a presentation at the event Coinsrum, University College London. Dominik Zynis which is a marketing & communication project will show the demo Alpha Wings, as well as explaining a basic introduction to what it was forecasting and how the mechanisms function WINGS platform. This event is sponsored by cryptocompare and also attended by several other projects such as DFINITY.