Italy is widely known from various sides. One of them in terms of food, Italy is known as a producer of pizza and spaghetti. Unfortunately, he was also known for mafia. Mafia in Italy is a criminal world that controls drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling and other illegal activities.

Of course, all the money received from illegal activities must pass through money laundering. It seems that the mafia has started using bitcoin to this. At least this is claimed by Italian Senator of the Democratic Party (Pd), Lucrezia Ricchiuti.

As originally reported by one of the magazines, the magazine of the Italian mafia PressGiochibahwa may start using bitcoin to facilitate the development of gambling activities.

Fifty percent of bitcoin transactions related to gambling

According to data provided by The Bitcoin Strip, total bets reached a value of $ 9.71 billion for the six months prior to February 24, 2017, with an average bet size 0.00014842 BTC. Some experts say that 50 percent of the total bitcoin transactions related to gambling activities. Most recently UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) commented that digital currency have equality with paper money and therefore allows each casino is set to accept bitcoin and other digital currencies.

On October 31, 2016, published UKGC License Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) which explains:

"Licenses were told that they had to" implement appropriate policies and procedures regarding the use of cash and cash equivalents (eg, bankers drafts, checks and debit cards as well as digital currency) with customers ".

Bitcoin stronger regulation to be the answer

Ricchiuti According to the statement, the government continues to have factual evidence linking the Italian mafia in bitcoin actual use for illegal activities. Besides that, there is the possibility to evaluate. Therefore, if they want to eliminate the problem at its root, may be made to introduce legislation bitcoin strong.

But perhaps this is an effective answer to this problem?

Organize or be afraid of something because it can be used by criminals, it is like blaming a fiat currency because they are used to buy drugs or weapons. Paradoxically, in this sense, the barter system itself can be feared.

Bitcoin cash and have some characteristics in common, especially when you consider their anonymity. In certain countries, the government is trying to place restrictions on the use of cash, but this policy raises many questions.
Mafia appeared before their bitcoin.