According to an announcement published in Reditt, from the first of May the market of the Darknet AlphaBay will begin to accept Ethereum as payment, a decision that has not stopped surprising many users. Thus, from the date indicated, sellers who wish to accept ETH must change the configuration of their account manually to be able to do so. How many of them will take this option is not very clear, because as can be seen in the social network, opinions are divided.

Previously, AlphaBay decided to accept Bitcoin and Monero with a clear objective: anonymity. The operations carried out in this market, which can only be accessed privately with the Tor browser, are not very legal to say, so finding a payment method that can not be traced is vital to keep working. When it became clear that Bitcoin can actually be traced, Monero, which has proclaimed the most anonymous and secure cryptocoin in the ecosystem, became another excellent alternative.

Precisely for this reason this adoption of Ethereum is somewhat disconcerting, since the main offer of this blockchain is not the privacy, but the smart contracts. There are even many who doubt the use of ETH in the real world, taking it only as the fuel of the platform. So, what is the benefit that AlphaBay administrators have seen for their particular case?

The answer is not very clear, even though in the ad they state that it is due to their recent popularity. As a speculation only, we can deduce that perhaps it is because the Alchemy Project is currently under development, which plans to integrate Zcash with Ethereum to give true anonymity to its transactions. Although it was created just at the end of last year, Zcash is already superior to Monero in terms of anonymity, and has managed to climb surprisingly fast to the 11th position in market capitalization. In the not too distant future, AlphaBay users might even be using anonymous smart contracts, and maybe that's where market managers point to this new adoption.