The phenomenon of the migration to the altcoins continues as when Ethereum and Dash made history when reaching historical maximum of prices, in addition to other cryptocoins like Factom, Lisk, Zcash and Augur that have had important increases in its value in the market. This time it was the turn of surprising Decred, to position in the 12th position of the cryptocoins with greater capitalization of the market. In fact, for a few hours it positioned itmself in the top 10.

The aforementioned cryptocoin drastically increased its market value on Sunday, reaching a maximum price of $ 20.93 per unit and reaching $ 87 million in its market capitalization, which has caught the attention of those who seek other investment options around the instability of the main cryptocoins.

One of the main causes of the increase in the value of the alternative cryptocoins is the instability in bitcoin prices, caused by events such as the meetings of the Chinese exchange with the government of that country, rejection of the entrance of the ETF based In bitcoin of the Winklevoss twins by the SEC, and the possible bifurcation that could occur in Bitcoin before the intentions of Bitcoin Unlimited to implement its protocol.

In previous days, Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin and Director of Engineering of Coinbase, expressed through a tuit his attraction to this cryptocoin saying that it offers an innovative solution for the decentralized government.

During the presentation "Decred: Rethinking digital currency" made in the premises of coinbase the developer said that this cryptocoin uses an improved version of its original idea called "Proof-of-Activity". At the same event, Jake Yocom-Piatt, CEO of Company 0, a company in charge of software development projects for cryptocoins, offered statements. In his address, Yocom-Piatt, gave technical details on the performance of Decred, commenting that "Decred is basically a variant of Bitcoin" but that in addition to the proof-of-work used by Bitcoin, adds "proof-of-stake as method of transaction validation.

In its road map, published in early 2017, Decred developers point to a set of novelties that attract and trap users, highlighting features such as:
-The intention to convert Decred into a Decentralized and Autonomous Organization (DAO)
-Implementation of Lightning Network
-Its unique infrastructure for amendments to its consensus standards
-Support to integrate to the market, offering to the merchants the tools to receive this currency as means of payment.