Monero has often been honored with articles here: it is a crypt diet, which places a special focus on privacy. Concrete attention is given to the fungibility; The history of a single coin should not be traceable.


A recent article by Andrew Miller, Malte Moser, Kevin Lee, and Arvind Narayanan now suggests that this is not the case. A deep analysis of the paper is intended to prove the opposite, at least for transactions made before 2017.


In the article two serious properties of Monero are presented:


In the Monero client, the user can determine how much the number of mixins (i.e., the number of ring signatures used) is. This number is supposed to be zero in many cases - which should mean nothing less than that these transactions are traceable. Moreover, the presence of such trackable coins in a new transaction is intended to make this new transaction also traceable even when using Mixins.

The Mixin itself is unfortunate according to the Papers - so the false ring signatures should be quite distinguishable from the real ones.

Since all theory is gray, the authors have presented the problem in detail: On a MoneroLink website,


It should be emphasized that Andrew Miller is sitting in the advisory board of ZCash - another crypt diet that focuses on anonymity. On the allegations, Andrew Miller emphasizes that the criticized points are verifiable by everyone, so that everyone can see whether this is an attack on the part of ZCash or actual grievances.


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Answer from the Monero community - All old coffee?


Of course, the community behind Monero expressed itself to these accusations. Many of the statements were of an emotional nature, many have pointed out that the lead author works for ZCash and is accordingly biased - but it was also pointed out that the corresponding problems are well-known.


In Github Issue # 1673 of February 4, 2017, the low number of mixins is pointed out. In a hard fork in September 2017, the minimum number of mixins should be increased to four, the quoted issue aims at even six mixins.


According to the statements of Riccardo Spagni aka FluffyPony, the most famous person in the core team of Monero, 80% of the transactions should not be traceable. For the remaining 20%, a solution is worked out, as is also visible on the targeted Hard Fork. Yaps .. in today's article I will bring all the updates Monero

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