Today, it was made a long-awaited announcement by the gamers and bitcoiners community around the world: the official launch of the Spell of Genesis mobile-based magic-card exchange game at Apple and Google Play stores worldwide.

The online video game industry has been one of the earliest to realize the benefits offered by blockchain and the cryptocoins and have begun to implement them without delay. Such has been the case of Spells of Genesis, the blockchain-based game that combines the strategic aspects of card-trading games with the intuitive system of arcade games.

This game has been under development since its successful joint fundraising campaign in the summer of 2015 and since then its global launch has been scheduled for the first quarter of 2017. On September 15, 2016 it had its first soft launch on a test net and in December of the same year it was enabled to download on iOS and Android devices exclusively for Switzerland and Canada. Now, in compliance with the established schedule, the EverdreamSoft and All 4 Games developer companies have officially announced the launch of the mobile game application worldwide.

This game takes place in the fantastic world of Askian. Players have to collect cards and combine them in such a way to have the strongest deck to fight their opponents. The cards include the heroes, villains, monsters and animals from the kingdom of Askian. To acquire the cards, users need BitCrystals (BCY) the game's native cryptographic token, interchangeable on the counterparty blockchain platform using the Indie Square digital wallet.

Among the main features of the game are 200 levels and missions to complete; About 300 orbs to collect, improve and combine; And hundreds of hand drawn character cards that can be combined to create even more powerful creatures.