Axx, is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet platform that supports Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum and Dash, which recently introduced support also on Zcash for Apple iOS phone users and Google's Android platform.

This approval process passes through the rigorous and extensive selection of Apple iOS apps and various updates.

Specifically, Apple is very sensitive to services and applications targeted to serve users of cryptocurrencies, application developers are not granted permission to develop applications in this area without the approval and strict selection of Apple.
Rapid Development of the Zcash Ecosystem

In September 2016, the development team of Jaxx and company CEO Anthony Dilorio were asked by Apple to remove a so-called Dash-focused cryptocurrency that privacy from its iOS app. Dash removal is consequently reducing the financial privacy of Jaxx users on iOS.

To understand Apple's strict requirements and high standards and iOS team development, Jaxx and Zcash engineers were forced to undergo a long development period to integrate Zcash into the Jaxx mobile app.

The developers of both companies are collaborating to ensure that Zcash can be approved and accepted by the Apple development team. In the end, Apple approves Zcash integration into Jaxx and receives Zcash as a legitimate cryptocurrency built on the right cryptographic work and sophisticated technology.

With the introduction of Zcash for hundreds of millions of iOS users, Dilorio reiterated the importance of financial privacy and the necessity of anonymity offered by Zcash.

Wilcox also expressed his excitement over this Zcash integration that became a widely used multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet. He explained that the simple and user-friendly interface of Jaxx in both iOS and Android apps will allow Zcash users to send and receive transactions easily and with full anonymity.

One of the most anticipated and eagerly awaited projects by the cryptocurrency community is Zcash in Ethereum. On January 19, Christian Reitwiessner of the Ethereum Foundation released an update on a joint initiative between the Ethereum R & D team and the Zcash Company.

According to Reitwiessner, the project was formed for the purpose of sharing the advantages and strengths of Zcash and the Ethereum network: programability and privacy.

"One of the goals of the Zcash company, with the codename Project Alchemy, is to allow for the direct decentralization of exchanges between Ethereum and Zcash. Linking the Blockchain to two technologies, one that focuses on programmability and the other on privacy, is a natural way to facilitate the development of applications that require both. "

In addition to various ongoing projects including the Alchemy Project, Wilcox said that there will be five new features to be released to the public in the near future. These two features include the disclosure of payment information and token exclusion by users, allowing users to disclose information about certain payments and issue unique tokens for specific projects.