Stratis exceeded wednesday for the first time the value of one dollar per unit to be placed at $ 1.04 towards noon after registering an increase of almost 36%, according to the market movements registered during the day. Meanwhile, the price of the ccoin was located at 0.00070677 bitcoins and its market capitalization is estimated at 101.94 million dollars. In the last 24 hours, Stratis has recorded a volume of transactions of approximately $ 5.21 million.

Most of the transactions are registered in the Poloniex market, which channels more than $ 4 million in Stratis-based operations, followed by Bittrex, in which case the dollar-denominated quote is $ 1.03. In the community some attribute this peak in their quotation to the expectations by the launch of its new infrastructure nodes, for which different types of incentives were offered to developers who participated in the security tests for operations with portfolios like Breeze Wallet. The creators of Stratis define its platform as "the first blockchain created for business". In the last weeks it has been possible to locate among the cryptocoins with remarkable movements in the market.

On the same line is Litecoin (LTC), with a rise of more than 21% at noon to 19.12 dollars per unit or 0.01305630 BTC. Although this is not a new record, Litecoin maintains an interesting volume of operations on the 105 million dollars per day, with an estimated market capitalization of $ 973.92 million. In the case of Litecoin, the announcement about the imminent implementation of SegWit has been positive in the last weeks, although members of the community are beginning to wonder if the current trend will not be mainly speculative before the first tests of the implementation of the protocol. In parallel, some users are experiencing technical problems with transactions through various portfolios and some investors believe that it is time to sell. Apart from that, a very favorable news for Litecoin is the support that Coinbase is starting to offer to carry out buy-sell operations through its app or website, as part of a strategy that seeks to add a greater variety of digital assets.

Finally, it highlights the rise of Waves in the first half of the day, with an increase of more than 12% in its price to reach a value of 65 cents. In this case, this is a new record since the launch of the cryptocoin in June of last year, and could correspond with expectation that could reach a dollar in the short term, in addition to announcements such as adoption by the house Shapeshift.