The Hyperledger project, powered by the Linux Foundation, has attached two new developer companies to its organization. Through an official publication, it was announced that it is integrated with Indy, a project that offers the management of digital identity profiles and tools based on distributed ledger technology. This project, in turn, is backed by Sovrin Foundation, a non-profit organization created last year and joined Hyperledger in December.

According to the announcement, Indy will facilitate the creation, transmission and protection of identity profiles between organizations, entities and individuals, within the same community and ecosystem, or publicly towards the Internet, allowing even to connect with several industries or the same participants of the Hyperledger platform, such as Fabric, Sawtooth and Rope.

Another company that expands to Hyperledger members is Composer, which seeks to develop online businesses using the Fabric, Iroha and Sawtooth Lake systems, which run on the Hyperledger protocol. This project is being developed by a mixed team made up of affiliates of IBM and Oxchain, startup of blockchain development.

As announced by Hyperledger, Composer aims to accelerate the development of smart contracts and spread their use throughout the industry. With this application, blockchain-based business models can be created where communities can be created and participants can be integrated to make transactions.