Blockhain service provider for health industry PokitDok announced this week that it was chosen to work on the Intel platform at the Hyperledger Project, Sawtooth Lake, implementing distributed ledger for attendance to services within medical institutions.

The PokitDok project, which will become part of Sawtooth Lake projects, this month initiated another blockchain use case initiative called DokChain and is a distributed accounting protocol that is designed to record valid transactions captured in the medical history and process other administrative aspects related to patient care.

In addition, DokChain has the advantage of combining multiple important players in the area of ​​health and finance as insurance companies, supply chain companies, financial institutions and, of course, health systems within its protocol.

It is important to note that PokitDok developers currently maintain and verify data from over 550 health insurers and some payment companies to enable safe exchange of checks, claims processing, authorizations and medical referrals with the system distributed ledger for Hyperledger and Intel.

Dokchain will enter the Intel platform for concept testing, as Sawtooth Lake is an open source organization that is constantly seeking to include allied developers to its platform to expand the blockchain use cases available in its proposal. With this, they would add four.