Technology giant IBM is pushing for acceleration in building blockchain protocols with a new program of expert advice and legal and business support called IBM Blockchain Founder Accelerator, a program it claims could reduce the process of writing codes from months to days .

The startups accelerator program and blockchain based projects are an expansion of the pro-adoption work carried out by IBM for a couple of years. This time will focus on sharing the collective knowledge of IBM and its partners with the founders of the startups to promote the rapid adoption of the technology that supports the digital currencies through pre-built software resources.

Pre-built software resources will be distributed via IBM Cloud, giving startups access to new company updates, based on the technology giant's previous experiences along with options such as a document store - from where the founders of startup Provenance engine - a protocol that maintains the complete history of industry assets and provides the ability to track and locate asset status - and member management - identification within the blockchain.

It is important to highlight that the fund to accelerate the development process of startups using blockchain technology, also seeks to massively implement the use of the hybrid model proposed by IBM: the combination between blockchain and cloud technology.

The idea is that participants in the accelerator program will have access to four areas of training and advice prior to code development, and according to the IBM press release, the IBM Blockchain Founder Accelerator will focus its efforts on eight sector-related startups Such as banking, logistics, retail trade and supply chains.

The areas in which the participants will receive advisory services include creative network design workshops, based on IBM Bluemix Garages - an initiative dedicated to developing hybrid technology ventures with support from IBM -, technical tutorials - including code review - and business mentoring by the IBM Labs team, in addition to the contributions of the participants of Hyperledger Fabric.