Stratis, the product of a platform defined as the first blockchain for the business world, was ranked 10th among the most capitalized virtual assets after experiencing a price increase of more than 29%.

On Tuesday morning, Stratis (STRAT) is priced at $ 4.39 per unit according to the average number of trades. At the same time, its estimated capitalization is $ 438 million and records a volume of transactions that exceeds $ 16 million in the last 24 hours.

If you look at the recent evolution of Stratis, you can determine a curve of accelerated growth, taking into account that managed to overcome for the first time the price of a dollar just earlier this month. Stratis' business environment orientation has allowed it to increase value by expectations of the development of new infrastructure nodes, a goal for which it has provided incentives to the developer community. Additionally, it has been gaining in adoption by being an accepted asset in new markets, the last of which was

Among other relevant movements during the day of Tuesday, Bitcoin remained stable on a positive basis trading at 2,300 dollars after the ups and downs of the weekend. Ethereum remained above $ 200, accumulating an increase of more than 18% as the second largest currency in the virtual asset market. By contrast, Ripple fell 7.6% to 21 cents and is accompanied by NEM with a more moderate decline to 20 cents.