An essential part of the development of the blockchain industry goes through the creation of code, its testing and the revision of its vulnerabilities and strengths. This segment of the market in turn is becoming an important space for the development of new businesses related to this technological field.

In this framework, Zeppelin Solutions is defined as a company focused on reinforcing the security of blockchain technology and infrastructure. Its mission is based on achieving an open global economy that promotes economic freedom throughout the world, according to its declaration of principles.

This promise seems credible for a growing number of projects that have been adopting it to underpin its development. Zeppelin project leader Demian Brener already speaks of more than $ 250 million raised through the sale of his contracts, focused on strengthening the correct functioning of codes in projects ranging from the launch of new tokens to the creation of a new network business structure.

In this sense, its methodology of work is based on reviewing the codes for smart applications and contracts, finding the hidden vulnerabilities and reporting them in detail to the interested parties, with possible courses of action to correct them. Once the report is sent privately to the company interested in testing the strength of its code, you can decide whether to make the results public and share them on the company's blog available for that purpose.

Among the companies whose contracts he has analyzed so far, Zeppelin highlights such names as Golem, Augur, Storj, Brave, Status and Cosmos, among other cryptoassets. Its services range from auditing the code to building smart contracts, developing the structure of tokens and securing funds.