The world of Cryptocurrencies in recent years continues to experience a very significant increase, quickly reaching enormous valuations. Influence on the existing economy changed the minds of people to follow the progress in the era of Cryptoccurency. By developing the modern internet at, it has recently begun to experience the Internet of Things. Cryptocurrencies

And blockchain technology is now making way for the “Internet of Value” and Fintech. The company paved the way for a decentralized and unencumbered financial future.

ShineCoinFill the gap between the past and the financial future. The Universal ShineCoin Wallet allows one to easily purchase, send and store pre-diversified cryptocurrency carts quickly and safely.


Personally I am very interested in this project because if I look at the roadmap it is very good vision and mission. A unique project that has the potential to become a promising business. A new breakthrough in the world of webcam which makes crypto currency as a means of payment. Planning ShineCoin is really mature and well planned.Among which the important points that I like are:

● Received in the exchanger, this should indeed be done let ShineCoin users can buy / sell tokennya.

● Development, which includes website (centralization), Windows, Linux, Mac Os, Ios, Android Client (decentralization, p2p).

● Support, Full support is always ready to overcome, answer and help find solutions every problem.

What is a webcam?

Webcam chat is a source where users can find direct dialogue with the model to meet communication, suggestion, emotional and sexual needs.

When you're tired of watching porn movies and want to discover something new, webcam chat gives you instant interactive communication.

This is not porn; It's more about eroticism, beauty, flirting and interaction.This is a strip club on the Internet.


Initially it will be an experienced and trained model, who know a lot about their business. At the same time, they will not stop working at the existing location but their work will become easier with lots of profitable income.

As the project enters an existing competitive marketplace, we are unable to disclose all the advantages and features that our users and users will receive.But there are many models that already want to work with us.

So maybe your favorite model is already part of our project but has not advertised it yet.They will soon sign up for our service.


When you pay with ShineCoin you remain anonymous, no one will know your bank card number and it is much safer for your personal data and bank account.


Suplay Token: 10 000 000 SHINE

Price Estimation: 400 SHINE = 1 ETH

Minimum Volume: 1 250 ETH = $ 250,000

Holded by Team: 15%

ICO Started: 25.07.2017

ICO Expires: 25.08.2017

We reward SHINE owners at the end of ICO for purchasing our coins and will not exchange them too soon.


12 FEBRUARY 2017 = Birth of an idea1Q2017 = Market research and competitors, forming a business model2Q2017 = Team building, technology research, architectural model design, market research between models and users02 JULY 2017 = Leaving fiat investments Leaving fiat investments that support ICO, To gain greater profit and profit for the model20 JULY 2017 = ICO25 JULY 2017 = Start from ICO ShineCoin25 August 2017 = End of ICO ShineCoin3Q2017 = Start from development, contract with supplier, preparation and implementation of ICO, marketing activities to attract model4Q2017 = Development Systems and final testing, translation into different languages, model enrollment, system development and creation of affiliate program material for traffic providers1Q2018 = System release, introduction of new functions not included in the final release, VR (360) video broadcast preparation, marketing activities To pull the peng Use and partners (traffic providers)

How are we going to spend the money?

This issue is very important to us.Our project has attracted fiat investors (they do not want to tell their names), and they are ready to invest a lot of money. But as investors pursue profits, and our mission is to raise income levels for the model, we leave the proposed investment. Happy and happy model = show is fascinating = satisfied and satisfied user.We focus on crypto currency to reduce the cost of financial intermediaries.

We need $ 250,000 to complete the development and start up system. 15% of ICO money will be used for administrative matters (specialist relocation, rent, necessary equipment and other administrative fees). The remaining funds will be used for marketing activities.The industry has developed a principle, a larger budget for the purchase of traffic, Projects are more quickly established.


Author: rhosadah